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  1. I'm an American man and I'll soon fly to Bangkok, where my fiancée will pick me up. She and I will live together until death. I've been reading about public affection in Thailand vs the USA - I know now that public display of affection is considered very inappropriate, no biggie for me, I can live with that. I also read that, traditionally, lovers don't kiss in private, they smell each other's cheeks, tho since there's more of a western influence in Thailand insofar as kissing is concerned, many or, maybe most, men and women are fine with kissing these days (my fiancée, 58 years old [I'm 64] sends me "virtual" kisses daily}. Here's where it gets private. Do modern Thai women like to "play tonsil hockey" (deep "French" kissing) ? In past relationships, I really enjoyed giving my partners oral sex to bring her to at least one orgasm - better yet, multiple orgasms. It doesn't matter to me if my soon to be wife doesn't want to go down on me, I'll have a massive orgasm when we get to intercourse - ideally, she and I having simultaneous orgasms together (the "grand finale"). Can I please get some opinions from those of you who have this experience, who knows what'll fly and what won't ?
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