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    I had been in love with Bill Whynot all my life sence I was 14 really.i n Ever cheated on him I gave him 110%of me.he got sick and had go off work so I educated myself got good job supported the family. Now I come across all thses post of his and my heart is crushed. I can't breathe. I feel empty. I'm lost.were do I go what donibdo how do I fix this is this my fault. All over the world I got screen shots from way back in 2010. I learn it's not my fault. I really loved him. He chose to screw around on line with thailand Asian whatever Indian even girls from all over.but I continue tell him every day . Bill I'm madely in love with u.u are my man my love of my life my everything. Yeah we had thought times that's what raising kids owning a home and being sick sometimes does to a couple. It's not over. I believe I can forgive u for everthinh if u forgive me.slthough I never had a hub.or actually made love to no one anyone but u.i beleave in our love and the strength it has.of u found this **** on internet u hitting up on girls.u get rid of me fast but I'm good person I believe in the good in everyone.everyone deserves a chance. Just because u hurt me . unbelievable hurt I feel everyday.i still love you. I really love u. Angry and other feeling s are to be expected. I'm sure your therapist told u that. But I'm ready for u if ur ready fore. I have so much to offer. I love you bill whynot
  2. Chatty he's foolishness enough to screw around on his wife he do it to u.hunny.
  3. 55555


    I can't seem find a picture of me less than 50 k How do u post a photo Can anyone help
  4. Oh I bet u do bill u know all about Thai friends the one u cheated on ur wife with.and screwed ur family up.sure u know it all billy whynot.maybey thanwararat ur ex- girlfriend like see all times u hit on these girls on here and she see ur nothing but a dog looking for a cheap *****
  5. Ur stupid.do u need call people names.seriously are u stupid?
  6. Bet u do .u want show everyone ur 4 inch **** to.
  7. Your just looking for a **** billy whynot.none of these girls want a bald man with no money Livin with ur parents ok.so stop trying hit on these girls.u got no money pay them.
  8. 55555


    So are we all.but not here full of married men and cheating husbands u want one help urself
  9. **** are u planning on leaving ur children and wife behind for u live on disability for mental health problems.u need someone to help u.
  10. He was married and cheats with any woman he can get her attention.i used be his girlfriend about a year ago.his attempt s to contact other girls for attention oh don't get me started there.its called mid life crisis.hes bald has small penis and lives in his parents house.has no money fakes his disability lives off  next nothing.wants u to suport him. and cheats lies and uses people for attention.oh yeah has a criminal record and was in jail for 15 years.so help urself ladies.beleave me .he's only after a good **** .and your money.

    Don't bother he's one bad apple

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