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      id line : mymew555

  2. Chatty

    Kinda Lost

    Nothing much to say, I'm trying to search for some topics I think I posted on my journals, hmm my blogs... I love it's called journals by the way. However, this is "Wow" New TF. design, I love the look, nice, clean, and easy. I kinda getting lost, not get use to it, but I will get use to it soon, hopefully.
  3. Don't be over reaction, I was in the protest group sometimes, I mean the protest area such as Sukhumvit, Asoke, Ratchaprasong (CTW) and also Ratchadamnuen. I've found some tourists enjoy themselves. Such as take pictures with the protesters and bought some props. When I've seen it my thought was, didn't they know what was going on?
  4. I have one word "Karaoke"
  5. I will make it easy... actually it's not easy to explain at all. Put it this way... In my opinion, Shinawatras and the gang should get out. Then we can do reset or reform...
  6. Or? Just 1 place that I have been to this year, Korea. But hey it was a big step for me. First time I touch the snow, first time that I know what the "Damn cold" is. First time that I wore overcoat with hood. First time for ski... I know how hard it is. Now I know snow doen't soft as i thought. [ATTACH=CONFIG]120464[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]120462[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]120461[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]120463[/ATTACH]
  7. haha I think you like it, don't ya? But hey it's kinda awkward situation, I mean I never think Thai students who is study Eng in Thai school or Thai uni. call someone "Moron" if always say "stupid" or "idiot". Moron isn't generald for Thai usage. If that hacker is that Ratchabhat's student, his English skill is very good na. Or he is just a goat?
  8. No need to pay attention about this stuff... and you know it's too risky that I post anything bad about her, I don't wanna be in jail. hahaha.
  9. Some hacker hacked the office of the Prime Minister website. Put on the PM.'s funny face picture and changed sentence from "I am .... (her name) to "I am a slutty moron" with the caption underneath "I know that I am the worst Prime Minister ever in Thailand history!!!" I heard the radio news says today they knew who did it. He is an university student. My thought if that guy could wrote and know the slang like that his Eng. isn't bad, but I'm not sure the PM. can translate it. Just my thought.
  10. Seriously?? Don't you hear about "I am a slutty moron" thing?
  11. What does it say on the belt? I won this moron's heart?
  12. Fight for that kinda guys? hell no!! Fight for 40,000 THB. to have bruise on my skin? Hell no!!
  13. Hi,

    You look so cute.

  14. Damn it!! Why my thoughts always go to "Happy Ending massage" is there anyplace for girls?
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