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  1. OK... So let's choose a place with lots of doors so he doesn't know which one we are behind. How about HomePro?
  2. Let's make a welcome party for him and hide behind the door.
  3. Just to clarify a few points... 1) I didn't say the event was cancelled, I said Iain couldn't come and would pay for some drinks. 2) Iain has a bill here for some beers and three pitchers of Margaritas (he said two, but I punished him by adding an extra one). 3) I put out a case of San Miguel Light beers which were free. 4) I put out ten plates of food, which were also free. 5) I was also disappointed not to meet Iain, but **** happens and I saw some other cool people. I have no doubt I'll see the party-dodging jock another time. It's not the end of the world. 6) The reviews for CB's on TripAdvisor lately have been terrible - I think we're being targeted by a guy who went out of business a little further down the Soi (he made a habit out of writing fake reviews for his own place). If any reader ever had a good time at CB's and wants to earn Karma, feel free to write a few nice words about us. 7) The 'top five in Bangkok' was a website and someone's personal opinion, even I don't think we're the fifth best international restaurant in Bangkok and I'm biased as Hell. Good to see those who came. But I don't think we should make too big a deal about Iain's no-show. He probably feels worse about his absence than we do.
  4. English_Bob

    too big

    So... that sandwich. Did you manage to eat it all? Did you get your mouth open wide enough?
  5. English_Bob

    too big

    No... But I'm famous for my truncheon.
  6. English_Bob

    too big

    Sorry - I was on holiday. You rang?
  7. English_Bob

    my trip 2012

    I'm OK for KL, BKK, PKT and Bali... I'll probably give Jakarta a miss. Can you please book business class for my flights, and a nice view for my hotel rooms? (Nothing less than four stars please)
  8. It's a dollar to join. It's $999,999 to leave, and your family and friends won't be told you joined in the first place.... probably.
  9. English_Bob

    No wonders

    Not MUCH more...
  10. English_Bob

    No wonders

    First dates don't count... See if any of those girls want to meet the smelly, boring, cheese-eating surrender monkey for a second date. (Please note... I am not saying all French men are smelly, boring, cheese-eating surrender monkeys... just this one... And all the others.)
  11. Agree... I once said, I'd never met a Canadian a**hole. Then I met this guy and realised all the assholeness of Canadia was contained within this one guy... But the accent? Definitely not UK. I always thought American. But everyone says he is Canadian.
  12. Brooks... But he's Canadian.
  13. One of the reasons I liked Dono so much was that he never allowed his a**hole mates to corrupt him. He used to drink in a bar I worked in with a bunch of guys who were pretty low. One in particular was a boiler-room scumbag. He was/is a loud mouthed ****. He and I came to blows a few years ago when he opened his mouth once too often. But Dono never changed, even when drinking with the scumbag, he never let him say a bad word about me or be too much of an a**hole while in the bar. Well, coincidentally I ran into the guy today. He walked into a restaurant while I was having lunch. Enough time has passed that I don't feel the need to crack him in the jaw every time I see him. I asked him if he'd heard about Dono. The funeral was tonight at 6pm. I told him how shocked I was. Less than a week after it happened and this guy said, "Yeah, well **** happens." I never understood why Dono used to hang out with this guy... Now more than ever, I think he deserved a better class of friend.
  14. Yes Bill... But they got the feet proportions all wrong.
  15. You already know how shocked and saddened I was to hear this news. I hadn't seen him for a couple of years, so I didn't know something was 'off'. I didn't even know he and Sar had broken up... I really liked her too. I thought they were a great couple. However, I heard she might have had something to do with his mental state. A couple of years ago, Roland from Big Mango also killed himself. He had more than a few problems, being confined to a wheelchair must have taken its toll. After hearing about Donni this week, I called up my best buddy and we had a talk about this. We made a pact that no matter what happens in the future, neither of us will be too proud to ask for or accept help. Although I was telling him not to be too proud, I was really talking to myself... Between the two of us, I'm quite sure I'm less well-equipped to deal with failure than he. I used to think, 'If all the good times ended today, I'd shrug my shoulders and start again.' Now I'm not so sure. If everything turned to **** in my life and I couldn't see a way out, I could definitely envisage me taking the so-called easy way out. I suppose that's why it's good to have family and friends around. Someone to notice when things are 'off'. Someone to step in and make you shape up and face your problems. RIP Donno... I wish I'd known. I wish I'd helped.
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