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  1. i was actually surprised with its NAME.... It sounds like something that should go between my legs. Now i have ruined it for you too, right? Good!
  2. who's the person in red??
  3. WOW! so original! i wouldnt have thought of something better. I'm surprised ppl actually wore bikinis, might as well just get naked.
  4. damn is that all the fotos???
  5. OutOfOrder

    New TF

    tick tock tick tock.... have all the members deleted their profile?? hahahahahaha classy
  6. OutOfOrder

    New TF

    oh!! I got it! you're just taking a piss... right? it worked!
  7. OutOfOrder

    New TF

    i take my words back, the young crown ain't coming anywhere near this. stick to facebook, people.
  8. think the gov can just print out some fake notes to sort the country out.
  9. OutOfOrder

    New TF

    oh ****, that dumb banner is horrifying!!! please make it stop!
  10. admin: if you sign up to www.thestarlitecafe.com they have a function where members can choose their own colour scheme by just a click of one button. They have 5 basic colours for you to choose from. Is that something that is possible? Then the moanings can end!
  11. OutOfOrder

    New TF

    I totally agree with text being hard to read and hard on the eyes. The logo is not the best choice of font but it doenst bother me. But i definitely like the new look in general, i was actually excited to log in to tf for the first time in a very very long while now! It definitely looks less slobby, less slaggy. It now looks much cooler and younger. The old tf has gone too grey.... and dull.... and actually.... OLD. This version would definitely bring in younger crowd. I used to be a member of the original 'bolt.com' (now it's owned by different ppl and im not on there anymore).. And the new tf reminds me of old Bolt which i loved. That was like 8 or 9 years ago and so in conclusion, perhaps this look is more suitable for ppl in their 20's??? Wouldn't mind some light borders.... when i logged in last night i thought the page wasn't fully loaded and soon to realize that that's how it's meant to be. Didn't take me long to get used to it though.
  12. ... OMFG...i just saw the voting statistic chart, LOL!!
  13. i like it! It looks 15 years younger and definitely more creative.
  14. It's actually pretty practical that you work at night and free in the day! By the time u spent the whole day with her she'd probably be too worn out to do much apart from having dinner and rest?
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