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  1. I'm going to go way farther that anyone on this and say that it is the funniest movie by far that I have ever seen. I have seen thousands of movies. I died laughing watching this. It is indeed a very special movie. DIRKA DIRKA MOHAMMED JIHAD
  2. Is that why you're not into music dvd's dude? Too close to home?
  3. Hey Brondie, why you judging the dude? You call him a sleazebag but who is the true sleazebag here? You got a mirror handy?
  4. "Perfect worlds" are mythical Blondie and frankly idealistic bunkum :roll: Prostitution has been around since time immemorial .The worlds oldest profession and all that.I think your real agenda amigo is that you detest people with money and you get even more pissed off when you think they are stealing "your women " :wink: .Hey Blondie i can feel the tears swelling in my eyes but heck,maybe its time to get real Blond is a jealous, bitter kind of a guy
  5. are you serious? a girl has ONE sugar daddy until he packs up and heads home a prostitute has one sugar daddy now, and another in about one hour, and another after him, or if she is fortunate, one sugar daddy tonite and another one tomorrow nite :oops: :roll: :shock: Johnno, Hexe is talking about ladies (and there's a lot of them) who have 1 man. They live with the guy and are loyal to the guy.
  6. Danny, What rock did you crawl out from under? I have a recommendation for you dude; get over to Asia Books tomorrow and buy a copy of English for Dummies
  7. SteveUSAbkk


    Hey Zeus, what Bowie records do you have? Hunky Dory Low Diamond Dogs Alladin Sane Young Americans Ziggy Stardust Station to Station Scary Monsters Let's Dance that's my collection and from that list I am partial to Hunky Dory
  8. SteveUSAbkk

    does age matter

    depends. how about some more details. I'm going to forward this journal on to blond for his expert opinion as well
  9. I disagree with the zeusmaster on this one. I think that queers try it and like it sometime in their lives and thus become what they are
  10. Dude, I liked you better when you were Eddie_b. Change back man
  11. Loburt the plagarist
  12. SteveUSAbkk


    In Loburt's mind anyone who is not a left wing lunatic is a KKK member. I guess that means that he is a communist using that logic. Hey Lobby, there's always Cuba for you man. Oh and I am so certain that you would ever cast a vote for a consevative republicano. gimme a break. if you could, you'd install Castro as prez
  13. It's understandable that you are upset, Loburt. I too would be upset if I were a leftist
  14. SteveUSAbkk

    Visa Nightmare!

    Milky, that's a nightmare dude but you better avoid another one and do your visa in Penang like PC is doing. You may wish to read PC's" nightmare in Lao visa trip". Pretty safe to say that penang is the way to go for visas. What PC paid for his flight is going rate inc taxes on Air Asia. You cant get lower than this price even if booked months in advance. I'm looking into buying ticket for Jan and cannot beat that price
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