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  1. kiddo

    MI isn't that far off! haha Thanks I was just curious.



  2. Wade

    Hi Alisa,

    No. It is Grand Marais in Michigan. There is also a Grand Marais in Wisconsin. Grand Marais is a French name for "Big Marsh".

    What do you do?



  3. kiddo

    Is that Grand Marais, MN by any chance?

  4. Hi Goldie, I like your profile. I live in Michigan now, but go to Thailand every year for about 6 months (winter time). I usually stay in BKK, but have also lived in Chiang Mai, Jomtien, Nakorn Pathom and Sichang Island. I'm semi-retired now, but still do some consulting part-time (www.arlofast.com). Do you have plans to go back to Thailand? Hope all is well with you. Kisses, Arlo

  5. Hi Kaew, How are you? I am in the USA now, but come to Thailand often and stay a long time. What do you do for work? Hope to hear from you. Kisses, ARLO

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