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  1. Hi Aomazon,

    i'll be your friend!!!!!

  2. Aomazon

    More Games-Bachelor party.

    matching season ? Ä´Ù¼Êþѹ¸Øì?
  3. Hey you are still alive!
  4. Aomazon

    Ciaran's Birthday party

    JOhn is back to be bald again ?
  5. I just happened to read your comment Bob. Can you access now ? (i was blocked too then figured out how to access;) )
  6. Aomazon

    I hate Monday...

    I hate Sunday night because i feel like " oh ****, its Monday again?!!!"
  7. I always want to have a bf who is someone else's gf
  8. I saw you at MBK last friday
  9. à ¢éÒã¨ÃÒÃóìà ¾×èùÃèÇÃÃÒªÕ¾à žÕè
  10. Aomazon

    Malalai & Sierra*UPDATE*

    à Ëç¹áÅéÇËÃÑè¹à ¢ÕéÂÇà ÅÂ
  11. Aomazon

    I'm going home!

    Doesn't Offy have to work ?
  12. I'll ask the same question with Outoforder, add, where are the good looking people ????
  13. Aomazon


    ¹Ñ鹡Ãô¡ Sangria ËôªÇ´»èùÑè¹ ÃÂÒ¡ä»´Ù§Ò¹ºéÒ§ææææ
  14. Aomazon

    which one???

    We have projectors at home but I dont like them that much, waste of space... but it can be a multi function eletronic device too. A big partition to seperate 2 rooms
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