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  1. Sawas dee krap Toota/Mony

    Sabaidee mai krap ?

    Have not been online TF for looooong time

    Hope You are fine and all OK

    Maybe we can meet my next trip to Thailand.

    I still have my Thai-residental in Chianf Mai every year

    Last time Oct 2011 - June 2012

    easiets way to find me by mail:

    rene.witkow........... incl YM


    rene_w46............. incl MSN - but dont use it so much any more

    since demand too much Ram to be running all day

    Online normaly yahoo messenger daily from

    3am - 10/11 am or 6pm - late night

    both in BKK time

    sawasdee keap


  2. Hi Bobby

    Long time no see and long time since onTF

    Plans to go to Pattaya september -> March/April 2012

    I got a 2 rooms there and its easier to get around in TH vs to Chiang Mai

    where I've been every year since 2006/07

    My plans goes on Exploring Eastern TH from Nong Khai in North

    all the way down south to Rayong area/region.

    Get a retirement visa - now I have to find out how thats working

    Normal I have had T/R 3 entries = equal to around 6 month

    but had trouble the last time - only get 15 day on walk over Mae Sai

    north of Chiang Mai - and even trouble to get out of Thailand

    on the way back home

    My email still [email protected] or private mail [email protected]

    Best regards

    Igasoq aka Rene in Greenland

  3. Igasoq

    My lovely moment

    HBD - I can tell You that 35 - 40 will go even faster noto say whats happend when the nexr couple of decades will come Just live as it feels like the last day of Your life but keep Your young spirit
  4. ¢Ã§¢ÇÑ­ 3 ÊÓËÃѺ 3 ½èÒÂã¹»ÃÃà ·Èä·Â
  5. Igasoq

    Face masks and the flu

    Thanks Doc. Also be careful of Kisses - Hugs and indeed big crowds people Keep a high level of personal hygiene too Posted by admin: C-Vitamin will be good But remember fresh and natural C-Vitamins are best Tablets dont have the same effect - So Orange - Lemon - Lime and other similar products are the best
  6. There have been lost a good chef when U decided to be HR-man Seems to be delicious As Info to other - The recipe can be used to other kind of meat or poultry
  7. Hey - for how long U stay ? Only BKK? I'll be in Chiang May Oct 15th -> ? so far well might stay over in BKK 15 -> 17th Oct.
  8. Congrat with Ur new Camera. I know it well - I got it too I had problems going from old Analogue to Digi. The old analogue were so easy to set up - Digital - so many possibilities. Great pics - wonder wether U set it up manualy or on auto. Well done old man - I think I willsee it in CM in Ocotber Have a nice long week-end
  9. Igasoq

    Sore throat... season 2

    Capt Morgan Rhum are a black Rhum - but taste better than Barcardi
  10. Igasoq

    Sore throat... season 2

    1 pint ofhot water - 5 tablespoons of brown sugar - juice of 1 lemon and 1/1 bottle of Capt.Morgan Rhum. Drink in 2 hours - it use to help - at least you get headache a day or two, and You dont feelthe sore throat, might be over after the headache.
  11. Igasoq

    40 years ??

    Single.......Thats easy - he wants to be free, maybe afraid of a divorcement US-style But Virgin.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well maybe he dont like females.........to demanding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Well lets hope I can get a salary-raise :roll: O I forgot - no Big B-day party next year
  13. Hi Eric...... Then I will see U in CM - arr Oct 15th for ~2 month, Later it calls for some BKK and for Hua Hin.
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