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  1. not if Rosey Palmer has anything to say about it.
  2. this disk won't spin. so free or otherwise, the program won't do it, and i've tried some pretty spiffy recovery software (Disk Warrior and Stellar Phoenix for Mac). thanks though your post will probably help someone else with a similar problem. i've contacted a few places and have found a place that sounds like they know what they're doing but they ain't cheap. 5,000 baht just to assess the problem and see what they can do. not sure how much the extraction will cost but if it's a lot more than that i may not bother (or i may go off the reservation and crack open the hard drive myself, that ou
  3. i recently had my Mac hard drive fail(120 GB 2.5" drive from a 3 1/2 year old Macbook Pro, and i am 100 percent certain it's hardware). in a Darwin-award-worthy act of stupidity, i accidentally erased my complete bootable backup last month. so basically all is lost. has anyone tried a data recovery service on a Mac drive? any luck? how much did it cost? any recommendations? i need a hard-core data recovery service, the kind where they take the drive apart in a clean room. if no one on here has any recommendations i'll probably call one of the places that Google introduced me to. first guy i t
  4. i haven't been immunized in about 5 years. i've had some interesting maladies! the one that involved menengitis-like-symptoms but showed nothing on a battery of tests? that was my favorite. welcome to the hot zone, you may win someone a Nobel prize.
  5. no. but no is too short. so, no again.
  6. first, i threw up in my mouth. the very words 'reality tv' do that to me. then i realized what the shows were and i threw up in my mouth again. finally when i saw what 'american pickers' was about and that it didn't feature the likes of Doc Watson, and any cool gee-tars and banjos would instantly be dumped on a pawn shop if the camera ain't rollin, i throwed up in my mouth again (throwed up is redneck for threw up btw). so... um hat trick. choke on your glory you sadistic prick.
  7. here's the handy guide: crap, crap, crap gameshows with hilariously ugly ladyboys, crapola soap operas where the girl falls down when the wind blows and she needs to be rescued, and crap news that is hilariously divorced from reality. then there's cable: crap American TV, months late, more crap, crappy music videos, Action McNews crap, and football. lots of football. advice: if you like football, get cable.
  8. yeh. i was impressed with the seafood at Trishna. Bobbyboy was impressed with the Sari i bought him.
  9. it's embarrassing when someone drags up dark secrets from my past, like the lengths i used to go to in order to impress BobbyBoy. *before* i knew he's easy.
  10. Paul(!) the excitement may have left this(tf) joint. but there is still beer in Bangers. holler. send a PM and let's drink. don't worry the ninja assassin (aka Satan) has been sent to the UK (alone) to destroy English manhood. i promise not to take advantage of you, at least until you've got a few drinks in you.
  11. there are times and contexts where it's appropriate. this is that.
  12. on that note it's worth mentioning out that Louis Farrakhan and David Dukes hit it off quite well.
  13. i remember a conversation with someone who worked for a promoter a few years ago. they were trying to bring bands like the White Stripes and the Strokes here, but the bands wanted too much money. i suspect the demands were not out of line with what they'd command elsewhere. likewise, i'd expect that the Eagle gets paid what he gets elsewhere. if you listen to mainstream Thai pop, it's pretty much all whiny ballads with screechy guitars, Thai pop songs are generally bastard scions of either the Eagle or the (ack) Scorpions, which would go a long way toward explaining why only dinosaur bands to
  14. agree. i saw you in NYC several times for free, you didn't charge anyone for VIP tickets as far as i know.
  15. religion or philosophy gets my vote, but i'm not sure whether the question is religious or philosophical, or both...
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