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  1. i recently had my Mac hard drive fail(120 GB 2.5" drive from a 3 1/2 year old Macbook Pro, and i am 100 percent certain it's hardware). in a Darwin-award-worthy act of stupidity, i accidentally erased my complete bootable backup last month. so basically all is lost. has anyone tried a data recovery service on a Mac drive? any luck? how much did it cost? any recommendations? i need a hard-core data recovery service, the kind where they take the drive apart in a clean room. if no one on here has any recommendations i'll probably call one of the places that Google introduced me to. first guy i tried does data recovery for some Thai magazine publishers, but he didn't open the drives up and so probably just tried to run the same software i did (Disk Warrior, Stellar Phoenix) to attempt recovery. looking for a hard drive surgeon, i can run the futilities myself. ps seeing as the problem is a physical one with the hard drive, the usual PC-vs.-Mac bullshit is completely irrelevant here, my Compaq has the same Hitachi drive (just newer and more spacious), platform's only relevant in the surgeon needs the right software to read the disk format.
  2. Paul(!) the excitement may have left this(tf) joint. but there is still beer in Bangers. holler. send a PM and let's drink. don't worry the ninja assassin (aka Satan) has been sent to the UK (alone) to destroy English manhood. i promise not to take advantage of you, at least until you've got a few drinks in you.
  3. what else does an ipad do? why wouldn't i just get a kindle and keep my laptop? maybe this deserves a thread...
  4. Wisdom is great she puts out for like 500 baht, no barfine. leaves you plenty of money for cheap alcohol...
  5. an inside source* at MCFC has explained in detail the truth behind Carlitos' latest strop: *not my work, this sterling reporting, jus' passin' it on.
  6. SATHORN: the damning evidence that TF is dead isn't that there were few responses to a throwaway cut-and-paste journal... take a look at the front page of TF, where the journals are listed. as of Friday 26 November, this is STILL HERE. back in TF's heyday a journal would have been on the front page for about three hours, not three days...
  7. http://www.ongein.nl/video-niet-voor-de-poes-12830.aspx a sequel to the video someone posted the other day of 1 rat vs 4 cats. i'd like to see a rematch, except THIS cat against the rat...
  8. http://www.ongein.nl/video-niet-voor-de-poes-12830.aspx a sequel to the video someone posted the other day of 1 rat vs 4 cats. i'd like to see a rematch, except THIS cat against the rat...
  9. zeusbheld

    Rat Attacks Cats

    the black, smaller retarded one looks like my black, smaller retarded one. and is about as brave. just get a Nazi and all those problems, including dogs, would be taken care of. why just the other day Horst (that's what i decided to name my pet Nazi) offed about 5 dogs, 2 cats, and one large unidentified mammal. he was just following orders.
  10. 'fugee camp with a balcony. posh.
  11. 'fugee camp with a balcony. posh.
  12. i think the logic behind it is that when you call the restaurant Charley Brown's, you're tacitly calling it "Charley Brown's Restaurant." thus Charley Brown's Menu, etc. incidentally i don't know why all this fuss about punctuation anyway, it's borked beyond repair. i mean think about it: one dot means "full stop" but THREE dots means "continued". shouldn't it be an even fuller stop??? wtf????
  13. i'd have let him have the license plate then run him over.
  14. anyone know where i can buy good quality dual-layer blank DVDRs? i would prefer Sony or Ritek, not a fan of Verbatim, TDK or Memorex, but anything has got to be better than these godawful Princos, they're not even good coasters.
  15. if you can make math fun, you' gots to be the most brillientest math teacher ever. yeh i am smug but your no doubt noticing my perfect grammer, and useage, and spelling and wouldn't you be smug too if you were so perfect. obviesly i'm an english teacher. i'd never taught kids before about 10 months ago. the administrations a shambles and the school is falling apart, but i find i do like corrupting young minds almost as much as corrupting old ones. personally though i see myself more as a gameshow host gone astray than a teacher per se. i prefer high school to teaching the little ones (relatively rare tendency) because you can get them engaging relatively complex issues (especially in a reading and writing class)... but the little ones are a lot of fun. town-on-town is now infested with p2s running around going "high five" like Borat. no idea where they got that from of course...
  16. zeusbheld

    Learning English

    $ $ i can write that sort of stuff. gf can do the Thai transliteration part! you sir, are an INSPIRATION.
  17. well it wasn't for nothing if it got pattayadaz out of 'retirement', welcome back. now please go start some controversy it's boring up in here when there are no riots out there.
  18. what i've heard is that the reds actually meant to attack a thai newspaper right next door to the post. brilliant. this editorial is typical of western thinking--if any kind of rioting in 'less advanced' countries can possibly be kluged into the romantic archetype of class struggle leading to equality and freedom, it will, facts and even statements of parties involved be damned to obscurity. that said, the socieconomic issues are real. the whitey press' interpretation of what's going on here, on the other hand, is cringworthy in its oversimplification to fit the assigned fairy tale.
  19. si i would much rather hear **** this and **** that than KILL this or KILL that. especially lately.
  20. most of this is spot on but two key points stand out: --- most of the batshit-crazy speeches by red leaders didn't get translated, --- the fairy-tale narrative of people rising up from oppression so informs most westerners' perspective that they kluge whatever's actually happening into it. i'm sure they're being sincere. they really believe their own fairy tale. allseasonmong right here on TF was a great example of that.
  21. zeusbheld

    Rajprasong today 1pm

    i just want big c lad prao to reopen so i can get my shoes back.
  22. the source is a partisan hatchet-job, which of course doesn't disprove the allegations, just saying i'd have to see it from a source that at least slightly neutral and slightly reliable before i'd even take it slightly seriously. as to your theory, bondjames, Clinton seemed to recover rather nicely (and repeatedly) from nailing just about anything that moved (including dipping a cigar in that fat cow Lewinski) and nearly being impeached for it. JFK, on the other hand, was the best at it, having boffed Marilyn Monroe. my theory is the shot DID come from the grassy knoll... it was Joe DiMaggio. the careful observer will note they are all Democrats. now there's something worth investigating--why can't Republicans get laid? vbroker? anyone?
  23. now there's a sentence i'd have never thought i'd ever agree with.. propers to jessica simpson. ffs don't dig up a clip that makes ashlee seem dignified and sensible, i'll have to die. quietly.
  24. give a holler when you're in town and i promise to pass you your share of horrible tropical diseases. you missed out last time, lover.
  25. two words: Coolidge Effect.
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