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  1. johnno

    Hi how are you?

    I love you long time
  2. I've felt like doing that many times but I'm still here hoping that things return to how they were when I first joined.
  3. Ohhhhhh, Red Sox play rounders? i thought they were a soccer team
  4. johnno


    5 people online? i guess not much has changed here. there used to be about 100 online back in the good old days (for you newbies). yes, i'm still whinging, give me a yellow card, i love them. must be my turn seeing as how i got 2 of them right she sings like an angel but she's never been kissed. for you dumb bastards, i'll give you an extra one....kumasta guacamole J. S.
  5. johnno


    metallica what sort of **** is this. reply has to have 10 characters???? hows **** off sound?
  6. johnno


    Beyonce Knowles
  7. debbie does dallas.........and all the other places also
  8. not really sure kaunitz, but i have a mate Ray who left saudi about one year ago. he reached the grand old age of 60 and had to retire from here as its a requirement of the company i work for. he had sold all his personal effects and only had a tv and dvd player left here. he was asking if anyone had some dvd's he could watch. one fella said "i have some blurays". being hard of hearing, ray thought he had heard "i've got some blueies (blue movies) ray". silly old ray says "no mate, i don't watch blueies". hope this helps you kaunitz
  9. Getting ready for my weekend which starts tomorrow yippee. But on Saturday it will be grrrrr cos I will be at work while you normal people start yr weekend
  10. wodonga? christ, there is only kangaroos and bunyips living there
  11. spot on Ciaran, what does stopping drinking have to do with voting? you have a few drinks the nite before if you want to, you go vote the next day and have a few drinks that nite after voting, if you want to. whats so hard about that? why do they feel the need to ban drinking for xx hrs before voting. strange place indeed. amazing thailand
  12. a good start to put the FRIENDS back in THAILANDFRIENDS
  13. agree with you iain. GG was around in TF way back when. he might say some silly things but he doesn't deserve the level of abuse and language that my good friend dave has been throwing at him. isn't the date for payment of the bet the 13th? still 10 days to go yet. why is everyone getting so abusive?
  14. notice how iain came rushing to daves defence. next there will be teddy, danno, ciaran and the rest of his bully gang coming here to his defence. reminds me of school.
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