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  1. Hi, has anyone recently flown this route? How much was the fare? I'm planning to fly mid-November. Any recommendations on a travel agent would be appreciated also. Thx.
  2. I'd appreciate some recommendations on pool halls in BKK, preferably with 12 x 6 tables. Thx.
  3. Hi, has anyone heard about an authorized Nikon distributor filing lawsuits against customers allegedly making defamatory statements online, accusing Nikon Thailand for poor customer service? Thanks.
  4. Could somebody tell me the name of this singer? Also the title of a compilation CD which highlights her early and mid-career output as well as one or two essential CDs from the same time periods. If you could write these down in Thai and English so I can give the list to a CD shop clerk, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone recommend an employment agency that recruits nannies to work in United States? BKK firms preferably. Thanks.
  6. Does anybody know if any venue in BKK will be carrying the fight live (or taped)? This would be a Sunday morning broadcast if live.THX
  7. Does anybody have experience with transfers through Krabi? I plan to leave Koh Phi Phi on a boat that reaches Krabi at 11:00 am. There's a flight out of Krabi at 12:05. Would I have enough time to get to the airport from the boat dock and check-in without busting my ass? Or should I play it safe and wait for the next flight out at 15:30? Thanks.
  8. Anyone know if some store in MBK or Panthip Plaza sells spare batteries for a Nikon D70? THX
  9. Any recommendations for a hotel/guest house within 10-15 minutes of the new airport? I'm flying in late then have to catch an early flight the next morning and don't need anything too posh. 1000 - 1500 baht range. Thanks.
  10. How is the cell coverage in Vientianne if I subscribe to DTAC? Georgetown, Penang?
  11. Can anyone recommend a reliable travel agency in BKK? I'm looking for air tickets to surrounding destinations in Southeast Asia not serviced by discount carriers such as Air Asia. May book hotel rooms if they have packages. Preferably the agency should have a web presence but an email address alone will do as well. THX.
  12. Can anyone recommend a high-end outdoor gear shop in BKK? Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Arcteryx, etc. THX
  13. Can anyone give me an idea how it long takes to get a single entry tourist visa from the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok? If it makes any difference I have a Canadian passport. I'll probably apply on a Monday and hopefully pick it up on Thursday. My flight out is on Thursday evening. Possible? Impossible? Thanks. Jo
  14. Hi, has anyone brought in an unlocked K750i/W800i from outside Thailand and flashed its firmware to support Thai script? Does such a localized firmware version exist? Thanks. Jo
  15. Wow, that's too bad. I remember when Eaton's went under several years ago. I'm not too sure if any federal party in Canada would have blocked the sale. Too bad they won't privatize Canada Post. Now, if they allow the Montreal Canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs to be relocated to an American city, then there would be riots in those cities for sure.
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