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  1. Hi, has anyone recently flown this route? How much was the fare? I'm planning to fly mid-November. Any recommendations on a travel agent would be appreciated also. Thx.
  2. Thanks! I'm slightly off the beaten track so those local halls should be fine.
  3. Snooker, preferably. A joint that serves booze. And I don't want to be drowned out by music industry play lists. Thx.
  4. I'd appreciate some recommendations on pool halls in BKK, preferably with 12 x 6 tables. Thx.
  5. Hi, has anyone heard about an authorized Nikon distributor filing lawsuits against customers allegedly making defamatory statements online, accusing Nikon Thailand for poor customer service? Thanks.
  6. What I've found is that when faced with budget cuts, companies in America tend to cut back on IT staffing more than other departments since most firms that don't view IT as a value-added resource. i.e. it's a needed expense to keep systems running rather than a revenue source. That said, I don't see IT departments disappearing anytime soon. As far as certifications, I don't have any and the only way I would get one is if a company paid me to enroll in a course. Having them never hurts when applying for jobs (and some postings do have certification requirements) but I think employers prefer wor
  7. You don't sound confused to me. You've already realized the futility of dragging this thing out indefinitely. It seems you're making plans without her. Take care.
  8. @Mr_Mao, I'm not sure pressing the issue with your wife is prudent. It seems she's made her decision and that's not something you have any control over. But you do have control over how you respond to this situation. Trying to win her back or confronting her is a waste of energy IMO. As somebody already mentioned, whether you relocate to Thailand or stay in Korea, you're going to have to be dead honest with yourself about your core intentions. Maybe address those first and then see if you still want to jump ship. From experience, I can say that internal issues are a part of who I am now and th
  9. Sorry to hear of your circumstances. No matter how you feel now, keep your thoughts towards the light... literally. Wish your wife well but above all do the same for yourself. Cheers.
  10. What's helped me is to first not get attached to having a person do what I want. If my emotional health is dependent upon what others say or do, I've already given away my power. I'm assuming you're talking about an arrogant person who disrespects others. Back in my 30s I would go nose-to-nose with the guy - as long as he wasn't too tall LOL. Nowadays, I try to put myself in his shoes, to understand why he has to be overbearing. Oftentimes I realize there are other issues involved and I leave it at that. I may not like his actions but I can accept it and walk away. Life is so much more fun tha
  11. Romantic love is only a small part of it, for sure.I think Love always exists. Just sometimes we choose to deny it.
  12. @bCool - just a few comments. As mentioned already, every relationship is unique. And people change over time. So the 3 cases do not determine your own experience if you choose to create a happy marriage. Once you accept that, then there's no need to fear your future. This is critical because what you fear is what you draw into your life (anyway this has been my experience). On a larger scale, whether a marriage "succeeds" or "fails", it's simply an experience, an opportunity to express your true self.
  13. Damn straight! I was thinking more along the lines of "God is Love"; and this is without the psychedelics.
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