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  1. Can anyone lend me 20M+ so I can have the team I want? Who sets these bloody transfer fees! Even the untried and untested are expensive. I better review my shopping basket tomorrow in the cold light of sobriety.
  2. Risky I know but I?ll wager someone?s got a limper **** than me, so She can?t feel it but? I?m in!
  3. JayB

    The Ashes

    Magnificent display by England :roll: Four Australian batsmen achieved 100+ in their first innings but England top that with five! Sorry? What?.... Ohhhh?. five bowlers :shock: Rain rain go away we must win a Test today. Well... looks more like tomorrow.
  4. JayB

    Lest we forget...

    I think it was Ian Rush from an earlier video that said how do you come to terms with 96 people who went to watch a football match didn?t go home. The videos from the last few days are very moving. Players, fans and families of those died. For all the money, the fame, the transfer fees, the glamour, football is still the game of the ordinary man. Anfield was full of stars and ordinary men and women sharing the same grief. Liverpool will never forget and through tragedy comes companionship. All Liverpool supporters lost friends at Hillsborough and these memorials show a true bond in something t
  5. c*nt lips No, that?s just my underpants riding up
  6. Ohhh bollocks!! I thought that little ponce had gone quiet in the jaws of defeat
  7. I share your joy and as a Liverpool fan I only hope it lasts another 15 minutes All my underpants are tight too but? well that?s another subject all together
  8. Oh What a Week! Indeed! Another week, another defeat Fulham 2 Man U 0 The wheels on the Man U bus come off And then there were only 9 men left And Chelski losing too!! Time to step up and earn your new big fat salary Rafa
  9. Ohhhh deep deep joy That cost me a sh*t load of Fantasy points but the reality is worth it. Don't you just love to see Rooney and Ronaldo looking glum
  10. Pure gallas!
  11. JayB

    New Year

    Don?t want to be a party pooper but? The balcony door is wide open The New Year has arrived A couple of hours ago all I saw and heard were fireworks Now all I hear is ambulances Literally every five minutes, screaming down Sukhumvit I was hoping for a better start to 2009 I hope for better things tomorrow If you?re pissed? DON?T DRIVE !! I?m pissed and I can?t even type never mind driving :shock:
  12. Of al the possible outcomes I least expected a Democrat led coalition But it?s not all done and dusted yet ( I was going to say the fat lady hasn?t sung yet but I didn?t want to be misinterpreted!) If the Democrats do manage a coalition, they better quickly convince the people in the North that this is the best solution. Or can the acting PM dissolve the House? An interesting few days ahead
  13. JayB


    Caramel I think "any time, any place, anywhere." Seems George prefers the Extra Dry
  14. Liverpool has got to take advantage of Chelsea?s defeat. A Kuyt hat-trick would do nicely too O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and score the goals (My apologies to eagle for using Whitman and not Hemingway)
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