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  1. "I don´t know". defend the lie---> affected memory syndrome bcs of getting older. If you don't know that you really don't know then you can not know what you should know even that you could know things that you would know but you don't want to say that you know? Sounds true?
  2. Well I agree and a lot of effort and money have been invested for this type of research projects. I think we have hopefully solved this within a 10 years period with a new dna vaccine that can be available for everyone. I know that here they have been successful last year of making a kind of dna vaccination tests, as I understand the project - HIVIS a process started already in the beginning of 1990ies. This below link from 1999 describe how they with this medicine helping already infected HIV persons but now they also have a solution for prevention of HIV in this HIVIS project. http://www.
  3. We are all farangs. This is just a thai word for foreigners,
  4. Well be going with my friends to a Brazilian dinner concert in Stockholm http://www.barbrasil.se/ and thinking of the bombs in BKK where my gf is at the moment. Wish you all a Happy New Year anyhow! Tallboyno2
  5. Well its really scary but logical that all this also come to BBK/Thailand now. Just talking to my gf that is in a taxi there for a new year celebration is not funny. Wish you a Happy New Year anyhow!
  6. I just say Henrik Larsson...... as did Thierry Henry in Arsenal when Barcelone won the European Championship this week. " I didnt see anything of Ronaldo in this game. I just saw Henrik Larsson..." end quote of Thierry Henry Arsenal. I think you should adopt cricket instead - maybe its easier to understand for you
  7. Soon its time for "the game" in Germany. For us football loving people ts wonderful to watching and participating in the largest game on earth every fourth year. So who your favourites this time? For me I guess this is my 10 top list will be nice to see how good its is after the world cup! :-) 1. Brazil 2. France 3. Spain 4. Italy 5. Argentina 6. Nigeria 7. Portugal 8. Czech Republlic 9. Germany 10. Sweden :roll: So I just say Go Go Sweden Go with the Swedish Ola song!! ps first some comercial here and then the song! http://www.tv4.se/player/categories.aspx?treeId=40081&pid=53117&a
  8. Maybe hmmm black woman have more dirty feet?
  9. "I'll scrap all your Birthday pressies and get you some ear plugs!">>> or .....about "babies talking" - so who of you really needs the dumbness pill? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I will take a sleeping pill lol
  10. tallboyno1


    I am not jelouse my self for anything so I dont know what to be jelouse about. Be happy with what you have May!... bcs you have it a l l can?t even compare it with Paris Hilton attitude girl. But you can never buy long term happiness....that self-esteem feeling starts in the brain - your own personal charisma. Its only one May Filuren in this world. :-)
  11. now ...firstly .....who the hell would ever wish to eat this shite in the first place ? - Just love it ...with raw hacked onion and a special thick yogurt that we have in Sweden. This is a dish on the smorgasbord buffet on the cruising between Sweden and Finland....and you can eat as much as you want! My favourite! But I don?t give much for the Russian caviar and their champagne except the some white one so the Swedish caviar is much better! :wink:
  12. "the best way for a women to put on lots of weight is to get married" lol yes they normally get a big stomach after a while dont they?! :-)
  13. Maybe you are right WB but I don?t know about these generalizations is correct or not for all women attitudes ...agree more that it could be valid for both men a n d women. Maybe the "Male's attitudes list" seems more like a scholarly dissertation of some kind of a manifestation of questionable judgement from you? So what?s the point really about the job job? I am to stupid to understand what it means...I only know joob joob thats what my gf like most of my attitude :wink:
  14. tallboyno1

    wanna test skype..

    Yes skype is the swedish hype. its good. just serch people for their email and you will have a lot of friends that have skype :-)
  15. tallboyno1

    not an excuse

    .."or to krabi with an obscenely fat wife in a bikini top and wrap skirt in tow... " no one is perfect though...but its strange that we all like/acccept the g-stíng drop-dead gorgeous young girls lol remind me of the fat latin/big arses latin women, when I was in SA/Caribbean, dancing in a g-string on the beach but in some way they are still beautiful bcs its all about attitude...will never work in Europe but there in Venezuela its just n o r m a l. But I dont have any more nightmares today lol
  16. tallboyno1

    not an excuse

    well thats a night mare :-)
  17. Tomorrow its a new lovely day :-)
  18. "Try to give, expecting nothing in return..." in then end you will always learn who your real friends are anyhow.....
  19. Actually evolution doesnt work like that. There is no evidence that a species has ever become exstinct because it didnt want to reproduce (although the whiptail lizard is trying its best). If we all stop wanting to have kids we will simply introduce incentives for couples (or singles mothers) to give birth - in fact, we are already beginning to see that happen in some countries. There is no need to re-educate how people think. "...simply introduce incentives for couples (or singles mothers) to give birth" Sounds very practical but dosnt sound like the natural evalutionary procedure...so If
  20. Just wonder having kids is the way to show that u are not a selfish person? I don't like to have kids coz I don't want them to be alive among the more dangerous , worse environments. I'm afraid that I can't take care of them as well as I would like to. Am I selfish? Dont you think if everyone dicsussed like that we humans soon will be a disappearance species then?
  21. Thats my BKK hitman! for crocs
  22. You ran into Tallboy(no1) too and no journal about it!!? you are everywhere Eddie lol see you around in December-Jan then..
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