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  1. I <3 ThailandFriends

  2. Hi, thank you so much ja. Happy New Year to you too. :))

  3. Hi kaunitz,

    I think i should tell you that im back from Europe :)) and we were lucky to choose Vienna as our first stop. Thank you for all the info., I arranged mini cap for pick up us from the airport finally, we arrived very early and German lang all over the place confused us LOL but the rest of our stay in Vienna was great we enjoyed U, trams, bus, walk , kaffee , bread, cheeses, apple strudle, classical music concert ... and everything in Vienna LOL hopefully to go back again some times soon.

    Once again, thank you. Cheers,

  4. where I can send my message to you, Ray ?

    Well, I have nothing in my mind at the moment, I just came back from a 2 weeks holiday in Europe and now catching up works, watch out flood water, fixing stuff... etc.. etc.

  5. LOL .. thank you very much.. that is VERY informative. For vienese coffee, there'll always has next time. :))

  6. By the way, may I ask you that I have to take city airport trian and connect subway and then tram no 5 from airport to hotel, can I have one ticket for all rides or I have to buy seperate ticket ? Thanks :))

  7. Hi Ray,

    But once you posted in my msg board it would be more like public announment already. lol

    Anyway, thanks for inviting me, hope more details are coming up.

    Best Regards,


    Congratulation !!! :))

  8. i cant chat at work , sorry ! :(

    If you have any informative info. kindly leave it at my inbox, thanks !

  9. ขอบคุณค่าาา :) salmo ก็น่ารักใช่ย่อยเหมือนกันนะ

  10. Thank you kaaa... my brain also young na ja not only face LOL

  11. new picture, mai chop.. :x , chop 'ฝรั่ง' picture :D

  12. มีข่าวฉาวมาถาม อ.บ กับ ม.น ลักลอบเป็นแฟนกันเหรอ ฮั่นแน่ !!!

  13. Wow.. Nong ปุย I love Lida guesthouse.. , thanks so much. :D

  14. ขอบคุณค่า ตัวจริงก็ใช่จะขี้ริ้ว นะคะ :D

  15. มีข่าวฉาวมาบอก ไอ กับ ช.น ปรองดองกัน

  16. :D Thank you, checked out the website.., very interesting. I will contact him shortly.
  17. Grrr... you guys kissing ??? grr... no homo plsss... ;)

  18. Mai jing.., nothing true in my profile accept my age :(

  19. จ้า ได้รับก็ดีแล้ว นมป้าเหลียวจะได้เด้ง :)))

  20. Oh.. i i got notification that i have 70 unread private messages ha ha ha

  21. Me ? My head hurts lol I lost all my lovely testimonials that i collected and I can see who else viewed your profile which out of my concern lolz.. ,

  22. Hello, :D

    Im okay ka, just feel so tired with following technology.


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