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  1. acebob

    Hua Hin

    Well I lived in Khon Kaen for 8 years and BKK for 4. I found that if you stay away from interaction with the authorities (ALL) you should have no problems. I want a small place to relax and watch the world pass by. There is really nothing to do in Thailand anyway. I enjoy sports, watching them now at my age but there is very little on the tube that I can remember. I have been out of Thailand for 8 years and everybody tells me that it has changed so much.
  2. Thanks for joining the Travelers Group! Hope you have a nice time at TF and for sure also at our group!

  3. acebob

    Hua Hin

    I was wondering if purchasing a house in Hua Hin would be a good investment? I have a house in Khon Kaen but I would like to move further South. My wife, who is Thai says that Hua Hin gets flooded. Bob
  4. OK If I must quantify it Looks: 2 - AS somebody has already said...when the lights go out no problem Brains: 5 - Common sense is important. I do not want a business partner Heart: 13 - The most imortant of all. Without this you really have nothing and heart would of course mean honesty...
  5. It really does not depend on a numerical score ...Both people have to open minded and be able to change to agree to get along... BUT Heart is important in respect to changing. If this is between a Thai and an expat the mutual agreement to change is extremely important....OR...no numbers will help
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