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'A place where you can feel free'....

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At my parents home ( not when I'm there with the guy of course )..I still love how we fight over the same TV though we have 3 in the house now

Love the feeling of cooking new dishes and have someone willing to try and will not complain at least while I'm staying there...

At a park where I can free my mind. I love Benjasiri park next to the Emporium..a small park where u look up u can see tall buildings..It's just the feeling of having peace in the midst of the chaos factory

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Sitting in the kitchen in 'Terrible Conditions' overlooking the Chimanimani Mountains whilst the smell of fresh bread backing in the oven is wafting through the thatched roof.

Above 100mph hurtling along the twisty stuff from the Picos de Europa to Rioja along the Ebro valley.

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There is a place, near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia, called "Blue Gum Forest. Here, there are 24 acres of blue gum trees growing... and for some reason, it is the only place around there they grow. It is in a deep valley, and takes a good hard day walk to get there.

In my teens, I would go there often, hiking through those valleys and over those mountains....and camp in that forest by the river for days on end, surrounded by the most beautiful trees some as tall as 300 feet, in that stunning valley with absolutely no-one around for miles.

Also, there are beautiful wild horses that have been there for 100 years and happily live quite naturally in the protection of this place. If you stay there long enough, you can get so close to them and stroke their nose.

In my life, Blue Gum Forest will always be my all time place of peace and heaven on earth and part of my childhood



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