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Mister Moobs

Scammed when you first arrived in Bangkok

Ever been scammed in BKK?  

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  1. 1. Ever been scammed in BKK?

    • Fuckin' bastards get me everytime. Gimme a GD beer.
    • Too many times to remember. I deserve a beer.
    • Hell NO! Ya stupid fuck. You owe me a beer for being so fuckin' stoopid.
    • I ain't tellin' shit until you buy me a beer.
    • I want a Jack and Coke you idiot!
    • Khanitta only drinks Jack and Soda

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What were the scams that got you when you first visited or just moved to Bangkok?

Today, I sat down and was hit with a distant memory from 2004. It was my first time in Bangkok. 2nd or 3rd night. I was drinking it up at Bedsupper Club. I walked outside and as it was closing and asked a couple of people if there were any after hours bars. Someone mentioned Spice Club. So I walked out to the parking lot and asked a Tuk Tuk to take me there.

Well, old Dude took me for a ride. Charged me 100 bht and deposited me exactly one hundred feet down the road from where I started.

To get there though, he drove up past Q Bar around to Soi 5 down to Sukhumvit and back up Soi 11.

I didn't really figure it out until about 3 months later when I partied at BSC again but this time with some friends. BSC closed. One of the gals said; "Let's go to Spice!" I said; "Cool. Let's do it." and started to get a Tuk Tuk. The chic looked at me like I was an idiot and was like come on you lazy ****.

She turned and started walking down the street. i followed. When I saw Spice, I remembered the tuk tuk ride from earlier. I just started laughing. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. So I told them the story. And they all laughed at my dumb ass.

Luckily, though, the first time that I went to the Grand Palace, I'd read lonely planet and been warned about the touts and "it's closed today, let us take you to thirty gem stores and 14 tailors" so we can get gas coupons and ****.

I did ride around with a tuk tuk guy for free once or twice. He drove me around the city for free. I saw everything and every once in a while, we walked into a Tailor shop or a Gem Store and I acted interested and promised to return the next day with my credit cards because I was "fearful of carrying them with me in the big bad city of Bangkok."

It was actually a fun day and the tuk tuk driver was a cool old guy. I've got his pic somewhere. Nice old dude.

I've done some weird **** in Bangkok.

Still looking for that damn two story after hours bar with the big ass tree trunk and a circular platform around it in the middle of the dance floor. I'd love to party there again. Been there three or four times, but, each time too drunk or tired to remember the name of the joint.

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I've always done pretty well with avoiding scams.

But when I was in Patong some guy tried it on. There is only one gas station in Patong but lots of small Mom and Pop stands that sell bottles of petrol or have their own handpump.

So my tank was on empty and I pulled up next to this guy's stand. He was over 50 and sitting with his buddy, both smoking roll-ups (while sitting next to the big bottles of petrol).

I asked the guy to fill it up. Usually it costs between 80 and 100 baht to fill it up. This guy turned to me and said "240 baht".

I laughed and asked him how much really. But he wouldn't budge, started screaming at me (ever noticed how the myth of the calm polite Thai disappears when you catch them stealing?)... 240! 240!!!

I refused point blank to pay. I asked his friend (still speaking polite Thai) how much it should cost. But he couldn't meet my eye - he was embarrassed by his friend's actions.

So I made the guy syphon the stuff out of the tank. I know he took out more than he put in, but I notice a week later his stall was gone... Shame, I was thinking about dropping a match in there one night.

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Can't really think of anything, but I tend to ask first what something will cost. Also, I think I have a pretty good scam radar, I have my Sicilian background to thank (Siciliy, being the capital of Scam)

In general, I'd say as soon as someone approached me then there's a good chance they're not legit as most of the time I'm minding my own business.

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