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So, you're saying that one can drink from the tap like we do back home.

My friend drank from the tap without thinking in India and got a serious case of the runs almost immediately. :roll:

The doc said that she was lucky that it's all she got. They ran several tests and made her return a few times just to make sure that she hadn't picked up some kind of parasite or some such thing.

What has India got to with BKK?

Yes I am saying that in most (80%), not all, of BKK the water is and has been fine for years. I would even go so far as to say that the water quality in parts of BKK are probably better than some US towns.

Why is that such a radical concept? There was a time when BKK didn't have paved roads, nor electricty, nor a mobile phone network, no international branded shops, no a large international airport etc etc

Does it sound like the city you know now?

Why is it such a leap to think the water is still undrinkable in 2009???

The conversation centered on polluted water in BKK. India has polluted water. I was asking about the safety of the water in Bangkok if drank straight from the tap.

No wonder you think that basketballers shoot with one hand. You can't even grasp a connection as simple as that. :wink:

Parts of India having polluted water - not all of India does BTW- has nil to do with water in BKK anymore than rice grown in the USA has got anything to do with rice grown in Roi Et. You mention someone getting sick one time in a country when we are talking about water quality in a specific city.

It is irrelevent. That was my point.

And it is a sh*tty example as is there anyone that does not get a dose of the runs in India? Everyone I know has. As I have every time I have been there. 'Bangkok belly' may have been common 10- 20-30 yrs ago but relatively few visitors get it now compared with before.

Dont be worried, LG and Moobs.

My company has the contracts with a big company in India selling Water Quality Anaylyzers and System. Things running well so far.. :D

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