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both has pros and cons. i like either of them for different reasons. What surprises me is that their prices are about the same! The feel of flipping pages and the oldie smell of conventional printed book is irreplaceable, but capacity to keep them all in my house is limited, unless i was to live in a big mansion. With ebook reader, you could have the whole library with in your palm. Although it is wonderful to be able to search of what sentence you are looking for within seconds on electronic books, it required power. No electricity, no book. i wonder which one has better for keepsake longevity, paper or digital.

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ebook for me.. Many advantages

easy to buy

walk around with 500 books in your pocket

tap any word for instant dictionary definition

highlighting and notes

never lose a bookmark

Half price magazines which include multimedia content and videos (think how much a imported magazine is in Thailand!!)

You lose your reader you don't lose your books or content. (cloud/server syncing)

Your whole school curriculum on a single device.

Kinder to trees..

Cons: Needs power, but so does a ******* lightbulb

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I always take three or four books on holiday with me, even though they are heavy, and take up space.

I have held out against buying an eReader on the grounds that at 6" on average, the screens are too small.

I have finally relented, and ordered the Kindle 3, which gets good reviews. This should save me lugging a lot of weight.

Imagine being able to carry a virtual library with you, on your travels.

Sony has just announced three new models, including one with a 7" screen.

Now I am wondering whether to cancel the Kindle, and wait for the Sony. :roll:

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