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TF photo competition November

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The topic for this months photo competition as chosen by last months winner Beej is:


Please send your entries by 28/11/2010 to [email protected] hotmail.co.uk (remember to remove the space between @ and hotmail if copy and pasting).

Please be sure to read the rules before entering the competition. The rules for the competition can be found here.

Make sure you include all the information required in your email.

You can send a photo you have already or go out and shoot something specific for this topic...it's up to you.

Please, just don't use any photos you have previously posted here because the entries in the voting thread will be anonymous.

Although it is a competition it is supposed to be sanook. Do not be shy entering just because we have some resident photographers that could well contribute to the National Geographic. If you enjoy photography join in whatever your equipment or your level is.

We can all learn from the discussions we will have about the entries and hopefully improve our techniques and style.

Feel free to give the thread an occasional bump to remind people.

Thanks and good luck to everybody....and now go out and find the paradise


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already received 1 pic!

let's extend it again to at least the end of january

gonna enjoy 3 weeks thailand first! :D

Have wonderful time in TH, Fran. Sorry I didn't follow the competition much lately, I might submit something before the end of Jan.

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