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I think the Eagles scam me!

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It costs proper $$$ to bring a serious well known modern band out here, if you were going to make it worth while you'd do an Asian tour, but they'd have to be universally loved, and jump through all of the restrictions in Malaysia, Vietnam and China, flights, stages, work permits, permits, and back handers.

Profit wise, its just not worth the stress, its cheaper just to bring fancy DJ's here.

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How come the Eagles will perform again in BKK after their Farewell concert not too long ago?? ( we brought the VIP ticket that time)

or becoz im a muppet? lol

:lol: ... I joined their Farewell concert also as I thought I should have memorized the world best band performance into my life and they did the good job very impressed me.

I giggled when I heard that the Eagles is coming back. But sorry, I took their Farewell concert as a farewell already I dont interest to see another farewell again. ( I think the organizer / promotor were run out of money and wanna make some more)

Anyway, a year later I went to see Maroon 5 concert, played on the same stage same location (while their 'Make me wonder' 'I wont go home without you' were hit hot top chart ) but totally diffirent charms to attract the audiences. I stopped follow Maroon5 since then.

what happened to Maroon 5? i like their songs but havnt seen them in live. I think i was in Hongkong when they had the concert in Mueng thong. Their live show was boring? or they r not that good? just curious :)

I heard that they're doing a farewell concert you might want to buy tickets for :-)

Everytime theysay 'a farewell conceet' a cpl years later some one throws crazy money at them to sell out and do something again.... I point to the greatest guitar rift ever going to p diddy! Everyone wants and needs money I can't fault tem but to actually say it's a final, last, etc is crap unless someone is on stage 4 cancer!

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