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Facebook scam

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Watch out for this one.

Bridget Miller sent you a message on Facebook...


Bridget sent you a message.

[PIC] Bridget MillerFebruary 12, 2011 at 7:17am

[ ] Subject: Hello

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

http ://www.facebook.com/n/?inbox%2Freadmessage.php&t=1388016334613&mid=50123e1G59283fa83195G18ffa9G0&n_m=anthony%40yahoo.co.uk

Find people from your @yahoo.co.uk address book on Facebook!

This message was intended for [email protected]. If you do not wish to receive this type of email from Facebook in the future, please click on the link below to unsubscribe. http://www. facebook.com/o.php?k=671815&u=100001384482745&mid=50123e1G59283fa83195G18ffa9G0 Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

This is the third one I've received in my email - all this week, and I deleted my facebook account several months ago. The links point to some site called ainshamsortho.com/fashionable.html

It might just be phishing for email verifications (you click and they know you exist and spam you), or it could be worse.

If you use windows live mail, outlook or oe you can see where the link points to in the status bar at the bottom, before you make the mistake of clicking it.


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Jebus...good to know. I actually have my facebook notifications pointing to my hotmail account, which I never use now because of all those notifications (and because hotmail blows goat ball cheese...plus I'm too lazy to shut off the 247 notification options that facebook has).

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