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do thai girls like indian Farang (british indian)

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Unfortunately, despite what ant says, Thai girls generally don't like anyone who looks Indian, even if you were born and raised in the UK. That being said, there are always exceptions.

well actually that's an additional reason for thai girls not to like him .... being indian for starters and then from the UK ... a real double whammy !!!!

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My Uncle is a "british indian" & when I've accompanied him to wherever I've noticed that he does get a majorly different (more negative) response from Thai people than when i'm out by myself or with white friends. Having said that he's been married to his second (the first one didn't understand adoption & couldn't understand why he would say i'm his daughter-so obviously that didn't work) Thai wife & they have 3 children! =)

Even his wife's family have previously made comments about him being indian looking lol

But it's like what Mr. kumar1983 said...they'll be polite but they really white fellas

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