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I read last week that PiAnt was writing something about shipping, so I also want to write something , but about domestic shipping :P

As most of you know by now that I started a web site to sell health food in Thailand, and I had to configure my shipping options. As my main sponsor is an organic rice farmer of Sisaket, I can not choose EMS only as rice is too heavy and shipping would become too expensive. As I know you can ship by bus, I planned last Saturday to go to Ekamai, Victory Monument and Moochit to see what provinces I can reach and at what shipping costs.

Of course, I was very interested to see the difference in "procedures" between Europe and Thailand , so I left home in a very positive mood.

First Ekamai: as you all know , they serve the Eastern Seaboard and yes, they had clear instructions; there is a fix and an amount per kilogram.

Then I went to Victory Monument as I have a customer in Hua Hin, and I do not want to loose to much time to go to the Southern bus terminal :P.

I know they serve about 20 destinations in minivan from Victory Monument but every destination is done by another agency, and none of the agencies could tell me what the correct procedures are, so I decided that I only would ship to Hua Hin via Victory Monument, as all the other destination s are also served my normal busses.

So then I went to Moochit, as I know they serve the north and Isarn.

The lady from the "cargo" department in Moochit was extremely helpful and explained me that from Moochit, I pay per volume and not per kilogram. What also amazed me, they have quite a lot of busses to the South!!

From Moochit you can take a bus to Ko Samui, Hatyai,Phuket,Suratani, Pattalung and Chumpong.

So at the end of the day, I was a lot wiser and I could configure my shipping database .

Ship Ahoi!!


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No the customer had to get to the bus terminal to get his goods.

For Ekamai they give a document number, for Moochit the "destinee" has to show his ID card and know the name of the "originee"

Ekamai = 50 thb fix handling fee + 10 thb/kg except for destinations over 4 hrs, then they charge 100 thb + 10 thb/kg

Moochit it is all about volume, they have 3 examples boxes on the wall, 100 thb/150 thb/200 thb.

All is a bit relative as *** :P

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