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Advice on two things - Pattaya


Hi everybody here at TF.

I have two questions that I need some help with.

The thing is that I will be in Pattaya from middle of May until the beginning of July with my 13 year old daughter.

There has been some years since I was in Thailand at this time of the year so question number one is:

Is there some celebrations or special events that I shouldn't miss at this time of the year

My second question is about getting around with my daughter...

I'd rather not like to be on a motorcycle with my daughter in the back seat expecting crazy "farang" and Thai drivers trying to shorten our time under the sun and in the pool.

Does any of you know of any motorbike rental place in Pattaya that rents out a four wheel motorbike,;

something in this category:


or similar.

Good price doesn't hurt and I would also like to rent a car for a week or two.

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

Excuse my English (better to be safe than sorry :) )

Thank you in advance for your time and effort

Ingvi Már

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Can't really help you with specific details regarding Pattaya and minor-friendly locations except the usual underwater world etc., just with my opinion.

If I'd come with my daughter alone, I'd probably rather opt for the other side of the pool, i.e. Hua Hin, its all bit cleaner there and there are also a lot of things to do and to see (nature-wise).

With some more money in my pocket I'd go further south -> Phuket.


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The thing is that I know Pattaya very well and I'm staying in friends house there for free (pool, satellite, BBQ and secure neighborhood) .

There are many things around there I can do with my daughter and of course I will travel from there to many places.

I was just inquiring about special holidays/or Thai holidays around this time of the year.

My daughter came to Thailand with me for the fist time when she was only 2 years an I am very well informed/aware about the life in Pattaya. (There is more to that city and nearby places than only "Walking Street") ;)

Every city in the world has it's questionable places like Pattaya but also have many more things to offer in and around the city if you are willing to look around :)

We have been to almost all other places in Thailand and Laos and if you set your mind to it then no place is a bad place.

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Respect the way you through about Thailand..not many people I knew think about other side of Pattaya..yep...it could be very convenient

place to get shopping good food and zoo as well if you don't mind lots bar around..and dont forget car and bike rent it with insurance till last day..keep it safe.. good luck.

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