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Thai proverbs ^^

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I found this useful Thai proverbs which were translated in English ^^



Transliteration: Kong kwean kum kwean

Literal: A cart's wheels fall into the track.

Meaning: Like karma, deeds repay.


Transliteration: Kob Luek Nai

Literal: The frog picking a leader.

Meaning: if you change your mind too much, you'll get hurt


Transliteration: Khob nai ka la

Literal: Frog in a coconut shell.

Meaning: Referring to those who's insular but ignorant, like a frog living in a coconut shell.


Transliteration: Kra dang nga lon fai

Literal: A Kradanga flower (thai) is fragrant when toasted on fire.

Meaning: Old but hot.


Transliteration: Kra tay teun toom

Literal: Like a shocked and frenzied bunny.

Meaning: When you are excited, you cannot see the real issue.


Transliteration: Kra-tie' mai jhun

Literal: A rabbit aims for the moon.

Meaning: Don't aim at the impossibilities; get grounded.


Transliteration: Glom pen luge mar-now

Literal: Round like a lime.

Meaning: Referring to those who's quick to run out of the problem (negative).


Transliteration: Kwar thua ja suek, nga kor mai

Literal: Before the nut is cooked, a sesame is burnt.

Meaning: Don't let issues hang for too long until they're all burnt.


Transliteration: Gan wy dtee gwaa gae

Literal and meaning: Preventive measure is better than curative measure.


Transliteration: ka kab prik

Literal: A crow holds the chilli in its mouth.

Meaning: Evaluate yourself well before putting on that glaring red dress. (Dare not putting on a red dress when you're not fair-skinned.)


Transliteration: gin nam phrik thuay diaao

Literal: Eat the spicy chili sauce only from one cup.

Meaning: Be always faithful to your wife.


Transliteration: Kin bon ruen, khee bon lung kar

Literal: Eat in a house then excrete on the roof.

Meaning: Referring to those who are ungrateful to who did good things to them.


Transliteration: Ging tong by yok

Literal: A gold branch with a jade leaf.

Meaning: A perfect couple (often use with the fiancees; in Chinese it means a princess).


Transliteration: King-khar dhai thong.

Literal: A chameleon acquires gold.

Meaning: Those who like to call for the other's attention by showing their belongings.


Transliteration: Kare dum

Literal: Black sheep.

Meaning: The different one; the weird one.


Transliteration: Kwang teen har siean.

Literal: Swing a foot into thorns.

Meaning: Those who like to court trouble.

กำแพงมีหู ประตูมีตา

Transliteration: Kum-pang mee hu, pra-tu mee tar

Literal: Walls have ears; doors have eyes.

Meaning 1: Be aware when you have confidential information.

Meaning 2: There are doors into everything, regardless of the tight security one's set up to guard that secret.


Transliteration: Kum khee dee kwa kum tod

Literal: Grabbing excrement is better than grabbing flatulence.

Meaning: Having something is better than having nothing.

ไก่เห็นตีนงู งูเห็นนมไก่

Transliteration: Kai hen teen ngu, ngu hen nom kai

Literal: A chicken sees the snake's foot and a snake sees the chicken's breast.

Meaning: Two parties who know each other secret.


Transliteration: Kai die' ploy

Literal: A chicken gets a gem.

Meaning: A person who has a good thing, but he doesn't know about value.

ไก่งามเพราะขน คนงามเพราะแต่ง

Transliteration: Kai ngam pror khon, kon ngam pror thang

Literal: Chicken are beautiful because of their feathers; women are beautiful because of their make-up.

Meaning: Beauty comes after one grooms her appearance and puts on cosmetics.


Transliteration: Kee chang jahb thak-a-thaen

Literal: Ride an elephant to catch a grasshopper.

Meaning 1: Don't make something easy difficult.

Meaning 2: Use the correct tool for the correct job.


Transliteration: Khen krok kheun phu kao

Literal: Push the stone to the top of the mountain.

Meaning: To perform a Herculean task.

เข้าเมืองตาหลิ่ว ต้องหลิ่วตาตาม

Transliteration: Khao mueng tar-lew, tong lew-tar tarm

Literal: When in the city of the slanted-eyed, do squint your eyes.

Meaning: Follow the majority, if you are minority; adapt to situations and people around you.

English version: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


Transliteration: Khao hu sai, ta-lu' hu khwa

Literal: In the left ear, out the right ear.

Meaning: Referring to an oblivious attitude; referring to people's ignorance, in letting others' cautionary/instructional words slip off.

ความแน่นอน คือความไม่แน่นอน

Transliteration: Kwam nae-norn keu kwam mai nae-non

Literal: The only certainty is uncertainty.

Meaning: Things are dual in nature: certain things are uncertain things.

ความงามไม่คงที่ ความดีสิคงทน

Transliteration Kwam ngam mai kong tii, kwam dee si kong ton

Literal: Beauty fades, good deeds are permanent.

Meaning: Don't judge people by their appearance, but their behaviour.

ความพยายามอยู่ที่ไหน ความสำเร็จอยู่ที่นั่น

Transliteration: Kwam pa-ya-yam yoo tee nhai, kwam sum-red yoo tee nun

Literal: Where there is a will, there is a way.

Meaning: Try your best, and there's success.


Transliteration: Kwan lub mai mee nai loke

Literal: There are no secrets in the world.

Meaning: There is no such thing as secret; try not to hide what can't be hidden.


Transliteration: khap thee yuu dai khap jai yuu yaak

Literal: Tight residence can, tight heart presence difficult

Meaning: It is possible to live in a small residence if you're happy, but it is difficult to live in a big residence if you're unhappy.


Transliteration: kid-kon-je-ra-ja

Literal: Think before speaking.

Meaning: (straightforward)Think before making a verbal exchange.


Transliteration: Ka kwai ya sia die prig

Literal: Don't lament over a chilli when killing a buffalo.

Meaning: Don't mind little things when grand tasks/responsibilities/achievements are at hand.


Transliteration: Ngong pen kai tar-taec

Literal: Confused like a chick with shattered eyes.

Meaning: So confused or surprised because of some events that happened really fast.


Transliteration:Ngom kem nai mahaa-sa-mut

Literal: Looking for a pin in the ocean.

Meaning: Don't try the impossible.


Transliteration: Ngam tae rup, jub mai horm

Literal: Great look but bad breath.

Meaning: Those who have good appearance, but do not behave nicely or have no manner.


Transliteration: Ngoh ngow tow toon

Literal: Dumb like a turtle.

Meaning: Obtuse.


Transliteration: Jahb plaa song mue

Literal: To catch fish in each hand.

Meaning 1: Try not to multitask if that compromises the success of any single thing.


Transliteration: Jub sua mue paol

Literal: Catch a tiger with bare hands.

Meaning: Being ill-equipped in tasks that require methodical preparations.


Transliteration: Chang tie tung tua ow bai buor phid mai mid

Literal: A dead elephant cannot be covered by a lotus leaf.

Meaning: Don't try to hide a big mistake/problem, once it's out in the open.


Transliteration: Chang puak gird nai pa

Literal: White elephants are born in the forest.

Meaning: The best thing is difficult to find.


Transliteration: Shing suek khorn harm

Literal: Get overripe before partly ripe.

Meaning: A person who did something before appropriate time (usually means unmarried sex.)


Transliteration: seuu khwaay nai naawng

Literal: Buying a water buffalo in the marsh.

Meaning: To purchase something unseen.

English version: To buy a pig in a poke.

(You can find more Thai proverbs from the above website I gave)

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Thanks again for sharing Sasie. Wont comment on them all just now but, these two for starters I can relate to.


Transliteration: Kra dang nga lon fai

Literal: A Kradanga flower (thai) is fragrant when toasted on fire.

Meaning: Old but hot.


Transliteration: Kra tay teun toom

Literal: Like a shocked and frenzied bunny.

Meaning: When you are excited, you cannot see the real issue.

In Scotland we call them Milfs and Bunny Boilers.

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@StevieJR - You know I'm a rabbit as I was born in this Thai year haha. My nickname is 'Tai' means rabbit ^_~ And I'm not sure I'm old but I'm sure I'm hot hahaha.

You are way too nice and informative for smart ass sarcasm, it will never happen again......And yes you are right ;-)

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