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Adu Dhabi -- advice -- please


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Ok TFers I am expecting to have a 1-3 month assignment in Adu Dhabi strting in September

I am looking to you for any reasonable advice -- do and don't --- what to see; where to go;

where to travel to for a long weekend .......... you know the drills......

In any case my only points of refference are drab co-workers and the usual travel - tourist books

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I have visited there twice each time for 1 week ,I can not tell you Do or Don't clearly But i can advise you something from my few days experiences ok.

I have been to Abu Dhabui on my business trip.I spent time there a few days,I stayed at Dubai more than that.But when you are at the hotel they will have tourist travel agency same every hotels.

What i like was the desert trip they take us by car same Totota Fortuner ,they drove very fast ,it's very fun,At evening they took me to ride the camel and they had traditional party for us,they had belly dancing and buffet food,i got henna painted at my hands that day too.Nice i love that!.

The night club was good as well,The ladies over there they dresses whatever they like,fashion stuff like that,even I'ts muslim country but they are so open for women ,If you going to the nice night club in some 5 star hotels they have good music as well.But anyway they liked to play their country song too.

You should visit Burj al arab hotel which is the most expensive hotel in the world but they won't let you in easy.Or this one Emirates hotel abu dhabi ,it's so Oh my god!Amazing and fabulous hotel.

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Thanks S O.... I will be look into the things you mentioned although being a woman, you had a deffinete advantage, I will not have the charms!! ;) send along any other details .. I will need suggestions when I am on my own time...

Being a woman or a man also the same ja,If you have money you can travel every where right?..

I don't advice you to taste Thai food there because it was embarrassing me as i am Thai,but when i went to Lebanese or there tradition food food it's taste very good.

Peoples there mostly they have their own car.They have the buses too and it's nice and fast.

You don't see anything much there what you will see it's only the deserts around.They have the beaches but not that nice,along the beaches are the road,no small shop same Thailand.I didn't saw they sold food on the streets as well.

The Spa in famous hotel there came from Thailand.The staffs they are Thai girls mostly.You can go spa and massage some time na.It's same in Thailand But the price will be high.

They have traffic jam same Thailand and they are not good driver same Thai taxi driver,you will see.

The weather was so hot at that time like 50C degree.In the weekend you can visit Chinese market there.When i can think some thing else i will let you know ok.

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