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The etymology of the word ***** is as disputed as its use in polite society. Not only is it one of the dozen major taboo words currently in English, ***** is for the majority of English-speaking women in the West the most loathsome of all vulgarisms.

When the word’s profane thunder hammers the tin of an English sentence, women hear the hateful and total dismissal of what Goethe called “the eternal feminine.”

Men, on the other hand, recognize something dark and redolent of body truth in *****’s repellent monosyllabic starkness: namely, the male imperative to penetrate, ejaculate, and then make for the hills as quickly as possible in the hopes of chancing upon yet another opportunity to spread their insistent seed. No violins or perfumed love couches hover near the word. ***** is a sex word with the romantic cloak of mutuality and lovingness flung off. This is also why men employ the word as one of the most frequent insults directed at women.

Read the rest of Cassrlman's article here; is very interesting.


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