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Do Thais love on line games?

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If you are making a study of it, surely you need more defined questions? What are the parameters of your study? Are you breaking groups down by age? Gender? Ethnicity? Educational standard? Are you collecting only quantitative data? Or are you including qualitative data too?

Too complicated, Mister. Next post we might see some links...

yes, I'm a pessimistic and proud of it.

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Most kids and young people are involved on online gaming, different kind of it. from wars, sport to the Angry Bird, you see I am making a study if young people of different culture if they are lurk on playing on it. Do your kids love it too?

I think that many kids and young people in Thailand like online gaming.

On the other hand, many young people and kids in Thailand don't like online gaming.

I hope this is helpful.

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