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Why is the world so cruel with me? I mean, I am here to make friends, I only write from the deepest of my heart, letting aside thinking and rationality and I take everything literally that is written here. And then - this! All the people I want to be friends with are my enemies and I don't know why. Nobody loves me, nobody understands me!

No, it's NOT fair!!!

Don't steal my posting style 'cause it has my trademark 55555555555555555

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KANUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ why did u post this????????// for you , am i quite stupid and not deserve to use or speak eng? as i know, u r always one of the few good friends here but u are now disappointed and upset meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Delete from "stupid" to "eng" and set "naive" instead. Then we are where we should be!

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