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Good pictures of flooding in Thailand (most in Ayutthaya province) October 2011


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I've face the flood at my house which is under water nearly all my first floor. Good luck since more than a week, the water level is decreasing bit by bit. However, I can find the nice link to show very beautiful pictures from flood area in my province ^^.

Yeah beautiful but sad or we could say beautiful nightmare.


Such as this pic

A "reclining Buddha" inundated with floodwaters on October 10, 2011 at an ancient temple -- one of a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ayutthaya province. (Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images)


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@Teddy - Thanks and I'm safe at my area and it's better to compare with many people in my province. At least, I can use internet at home ^^ Good luck I am.

And don't forget to watch out for the crocodiles that went loose (around 100 of them)! And if you spot one, catch it and bring it back, you'll get a 10,000 Baht reward, but only if you don't end up as dinner for the croc ;)!

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They are beautiful but my heart is breaking when I see them. Glad to hear that water level decreased at your place. Just called my mom yesterday, at my house it's raising, only boat can get there. I haven't go back home last week and also this week I guess.

PS. My guppies gone, they all gone, they just have new guppy babies... How can they survive? I only feed them Sakura.

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I do hope so but our world is getting hurt by humans so soon I bet there will be more disaster in many countries from now on. We should help to save the environment.

I think that the world's climate is changing constantly from warmer to colder and the other way round due to the not exact orbit of our mother earth. Still, mankind's impact on it is not to be neglected but in general, the world climate is changing with or without CO2, Hexafluorides and so on. In my opinion, we should concentrate on "smaller" but more important things like stopping pollution of soil and especially water by not throwing away whatever we don't need anymore in an uncontrolled way as well as keeping an eye on industrial soil and water pollution. For me, the air pollution is less a problem for the world's climate than for the people living in polluted areas. Also, killing our main source of oxygen, the woods, is a big problem.

There are lots of issues to tackle but it is hard to find worldwide agreement. Once already the Kyoto Protocols failed....

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