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Who want a FREE shop?

Working for day after day, the salary still not enough to cover for yourself and your family.

Life is getting bored, every day job scope is still the same?

Everyone is trying to surfing for a smart way to investment in order to have some constant income..

What come to your mind when it come to investment?

Property? Stock? Unit trust? Insurance? Franchising? Food and beverage?

If you only need 5k to start your own business and own a organic shop, do you mind to come to have a look?

Country Farm is just take over by Berjaya 3 months ago.. and now it is looking for business owner to help to run the country farm business.

Just 5k you can own the shop as below:

What you will get?

renovated shop


electric bill up to 1k

stock on consignment basic

What you need to pay?

water bill

telephone bill

staff salary if u have

And what you will LOSE if you FAILED?

You only will LOSE 5k and your time.. but at least in a lifetime, you tried to be an entrepreneur ..You will gain an experience to open shop.

And tried to achieve your dream to open shop.

What if you success? THINK ABOUT IT.. that is unlimited constant income.

People are willing to pay 100k – 300k to start their own business..

And wait it to break even..

Why? Because everyone is looking for constant income..

So who are willing to take risk. who are willing to HOPE for future..

Spend 12 hours is too long?

When you go to work, you may work OT for free..

How much time u spend for traffic jam in Klang Valley?

This is depend on how you arrange your time in shop.. right?

TIME management is important element in your business too.

You can hired peoples and train them up..

and arrange timetable for each others.

This is how the real Corporate work..right?

And the important is your effort is equal to your sales commissions not the fixed salary.

To get the free store, what you need to do ?

Get a experience business coach to guide u.. why?

because you need people really in practical to help you in this business.

Call me at +852 62938508 or email beyocankitty...........


you need to view a store before you really involve in

your business right? you need a people to explain the business plan for you right? this is a very long run business. we can arrange for it.


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