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How to know that she also likes me?

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Give her your wallet, credit card and PIN number.

The more money missing next day, the greater the love ??

If I like someone and believe that she also likes me what is the way to confirm that. I am too shy to tell her that I like her.

Someone's got to give in and pass the message, break the ice...

I am a shy guy too, don't think I don't know what You are going through, but I will tell You a story from when I was young... I went to a (then) very famous discoteque in Copenhagen, and as I do not drink alcohol, I was pretty clear headed all the time... I saw this very very cute girl - sitting with her friends - not far from the bar area, so I did buy a lot (water, Cola and the likes) to drink...

For about 4 hours did we have frequent eyecontact and flirted, she had the most wonderful smile that I still to this day remember... All the drinking made me in need of a toilet, and the door was to the left of the area she was sitting, the bar to the right - I wnet to the toilet many times, and every time she looked as if I was comming to get her for a dance...

After 4 hours I decided that now would be a great time to go and ask her for a dance, the music had slowed down and we would have a chance to get close together, a great opportunity... I started to walk towards her, but just before I reached her table a guy entered the scene, he took her hand, kissed her like a french cartoon and said (loud enough for me to hear) : Your place or mine - I have a small bed, but it's clean...

That made her laugh like chimes and she stood up, took her jacket and together they left the place...

-------------------------// if You really like her, jump into the deep end //------------------------------

And how ??

Well You are single, I guess she is too... get her on two man hand if thet is possible, talk about life, carrier and that You are tired of being single guy, but You feel that the dating scene is not for You as You are too shy to get to meet anyone... And honest... there are not a lot of women in the world that could compete with You...

If she is interested... I am sure she will get the message ;)

.good luck... and may Your Gods be with You, and light up the path You should follow...

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Open your mouth. Talk. Ask her if she would like to grab a coffee or meal.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Pretty much this. Unless she is a mind reader she isn't going to know unless you mention it. Or show her your feelings through interpretive dance.

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To give her a feeling that you are a strong force in her life, that you own something that she needs, yet you're willing to give her the space she needs...pee in the shower.

It's dominance in a reserved manner.

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