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Homeschooling in Thailand

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I worked for the Ministry of Education until 2005, and homeschooling in Thailand was never brought up. Since I've lived in the states, I've seen that it's become more popular here than it was when I graduated high school in 1998. Homeschooling was, and probably still is looked down upon in many respects. I was recently informed that homeschooling in Thailand was legalized in 2004, yet I had never heard about it until now in late 2012. The biggest issue about it is that kids don't get the same social interaction that they would normally get in a mainstream school.

That point alone has always steered me away from embracing the idea of homeschooling my kids. The second reason would have been the combination of not having the time nor the ability to do the teaching properly. When I lived in Catskill, New York, I saw a side of homeschooling that I had never seen before. There was a big community of home schooled kids that met on a daily basis. Parents took turns teaching different subjects, and the kids got the best of both worlds. I was amazed by what I saw, and it would have been an option to consider if I ended up living there.

In Thailand, I doubt there are homeschooling communities. If there are such things, they aren't anything like what I saw in New York. In New York (and I'm sure they have similar groups in many other states), they were so well organized, and everyone was such a great teacher! I wanted to join them, and more importantly, I wanted my kids to join them. I mean, who is a better teacher than loving parents?

I did a little googling and found a lot of church groups in Thailand doing some home school projects. Maybe I have to get over it, but I wouldn't want to immerse my kids in something like that. I have this vision of cults trying to mold my kids into something they aren't. Maybe I have to change that mentality a bit. I worked with a few American teachers that were missionaries, and I never heard them mention religion outside of saying grace before eating or why they were busy on Sunday. However, I know there are different levels of practice.

Do any of you guys have homeschooling experience, or have you ever even thought about the idea?

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