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Help to find 1 staff for thai massage

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Hi, its been a while since I was on this page dont remember my old account name but...

The reason back then a few years ago was to flirt and find a relationship, now this is sorted :D

I married a thai girl who I run a business with back in Sweden.

In the thaimassage most of the time my wife work alone, we often have to ask other Thai Girls to come in and help with customers when there is to many but this is not a good solution in the long run and because you can make more money working with cleaning in Sweden than I can offer with ThaiMassage (because you dont have 8 customers in 8 hours working day while if you work with cleaning you usually work 8 hours think u get the idea)...

I would appriciate advice on how I can get in contact with good staff who can speak English (not need to be perfect but at least enough to speak with customers) and are skilled with Thai Massage.

If you know someone who might be intrested they can send me a PM in here.

Minimum sallery will be about 50000Baht per month and the contract will state you work 20 hour per week as minimum that will be sent to the government.

We got 1 shop where we sell normal candy, tobacco and stuff but we also sell Thai Food to Swedish customers

and to Thai customers.

I have been thinking about why should I buy from another company in Sweden if I could do it from someone directly in Thailand but unfortunatly my wife´s family are not the business kind of people and cant help with this stuff even if that would be the best solution.

I want to ask for advice on how I may find a company that might be willing to let me order Thai Food such as Noodle, Rice, Vegtables, Sauces and Spices and so on...

I hope you can give advice or tell people who might be intrested in either of the 2 things I ask for help with.

Thanks in advance.

If intrested you may check our websites.




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