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Student exposes predatory approach

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An elderly man has become the subject of wide criticism overnight after a young woman posted his offer to look after her "financially” on several social media pages - but the student has also been criticised.

The phrase “Elder Generous, BKK” is being talked about and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The poster is a 22-year-old university student working part time as a product presenter.

In her Facebook page “Manta Thamonmanta Suksawas (PinkZie)”, the student posted a snapshot of the conversation between her and a man whose Facebook name was “Suvit Chai”.

A snap shot of the conversation between Manta Thamonmanta Suksawas (PinkZie) and Suvit Chai (From Facebook)

Man: Elder Generous, BKK

Woman: So?

Man: Tell me what you want and I can help you

Man: Rent payment or car installment

Man: Quiet…. Hmm maybe you aren’t short (on money)

However, netizens also criticised the woman for slandering the man publicly.

Therefore, she posted her side of the story on her Facebook a few days after the first post in response to the disapproving comments against her.

Her posts said: “Someone told me he will sue me for slandering his name. Many people have been arrested because of this … is it true? Can anybody tell me?

“There are two sides of the coin. Some people applaud me for telling the truth while many have also said bad things to me for what I have done.

“Some also question me, like … Why have you captured your own picture? Finding a quick way to be famous?”

The product presenter said she did not want to be famous but wanted to expose the man to teach him a lesson for being impolite and disrespectful to women.

She admitted to doing the same to many other men who had approached her in similar way.

“Check my Facebook, you can find many more of them there. I did it because no one else dares to do it. And it’s the only way to stop them from harassing me as well as other women,” she added.

Facebook photos of Suvit Chai (left) and Manta Thamonmanta Suksawas (PinkZie)

Many netizens said she was too harsh on the man, saying that her post could destroy a family.

Ms Manta said, “What about me? His post is an insult to me and my profession. These men think we product presenters will do anything for money. He has no respect for women. If I was your friend or your family, would you allow someone to insult me like that.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook “Suvit Chai” page has been closed down. Many gossip reporters and columnists who visited his page said his friend list contained only girls and product presenters.

Nevertheless, a page called “Kae Jaidee sport Kor Tor Mor” or “Elder Generous, BKK” has been set up and has been visited by many online goers.

The page contains the man’s pictures and his famous “quotes” have gone viral among young posters.

One netizen said, “The page should serve as a lesson to all the horny men to think twice before trying to offer money to young women for sex.” Many agreed.


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