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quite a few times when i was living and working in france on the border with spain i would cross over and then realise i didn't have my passport.. luckily i was never stopped at border checks on the way back so nat a real problem. the only time it was ever a problem was when i was flying bkk to hkt and airasia refused to let me board. ended up having my passport faxed through but the photo just came out black.. no problem for thai airways who very kindly let me on their next available flight!!

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The only time I forgot my passport was when I was living in Gibraltar and we went across the border to Spain to do some grocery shopping.  The Spanish told me to go through and then come back into Gibraltar to get my passport and when I did the Gibraltar immigration checkpoint spent about 10 minutes asking me for proof that I lived in Gibraltar (which I didn't have on me) before allowing my dry cleaning receipt serve as proof of residency :-)


Doubt that would work in Thailand though.  LOL

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