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2014 Wtf?--- News Hot Off The Press That Makes You Say--- Wtf?

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Somali pirates give up on ransom, will release Thai hostages




It’s a simple business model: kidnap people on the high seas, hold them for ransom, collect ransom. But what if no one tries to get your hostages back?
After three years of no response from the Thai government, Somali pirates gave up and announced they will release four Thai hostages without ransom as they can no longer afford to feed them.
The pirates’ spokesman revealed yesterday they are ready to release the crew members of the Malaysian-flagged MV Albedo ship, which they hijacked three years ago near Somalia's territorial waters.
After capturing the four Thai crew members and demanding ransom for their safe return, the Thai government apparently didn’t even return their calls, just turned a blind eye and refused to negotiate.
The only voices that have reached them, however, are the relatives of the hostages, begging for their release without condition.
The spokesman of the pirates said they could not afford to hold the hostages anymore and will release them as soon as possible.
He did not mention when the hostages will be released, where they are held or their health conditions, Somali Current reported.
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Not so much, WTF?!?!  But more, "Hey Cool"


People are happiest in Bangkok and São Paulo, and more miserable in Moscow. "Our mood analysis revealed that you can find lots of smiling faces in Bangkok (0.68 average smile score) and São Paulo (0.64)," Stefaner says. "People taking selfies in Moscow smile the least (only 0.53 on the smile score scale)."



What Selfies Reveal About Cultural Stereotypes

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Suthep challenges Chalerm for a fistfight



Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Wednesday challenged Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) director Chalerm Yubamrung for a fistfight before the police.
Addressing protesters rallying in front of CMPO office, Suthep said that if Chalerm was not willing to fight with him because he was bigger then he would let Sathit Wongnongtoey, another core leader, to fight with Chalerm.
“A person like you (Chalerm) is not brave enough. Why hiding? Don’t let the police face jailterm on your behalf. No need for snipers to hide somewhere. You and me better come out for a fight,” said Suthep.
The protest leader also threatened to sue Chalerm and caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with murder for the violent confrontation at Pan Fah bridge in which four protesters and one policeman were killed and more than 60 people from both sides were injured.
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Bangkok is the 61st most expensive city to live in.  Not too far behind NYC.






I know people can eat for a buck or whatever and there are rooms you can rent for a few thousand baht per month but, really, when you look at western style accommodations and dining, this doesn't seem too far off.  

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Bangkok Bunkers To Be Decorated In Pink: Army Chief


(6 March) Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army has suggested that troops checkpoints in Bangkok might be redecorated to convey a friendly appearance.
"We may place flowers on them and install some pink curtains," Gen. Prayuth Chan-Ocha told reporters today.
His remark came after a number of citizens complained that they felt intimidated by various "bunkers" manned by army troops in downtown Bangkok.
The bunkers - mostly composed of sandbags and green camouflaging nets - have been constructed around the perimeter of the protest sites of the People's Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD) in recent weeks.
Army officials insisted that the soldiers were not armed, except for a few officers who were permitted to carry handguns, and their presence was aimed to maintain public safety amid the spree of almost-nightly attacks on protest sites.
Nevertheless, the troops deployment drew criticism from pro-government supporters who view the army as siding with PCAD protesters, and Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has recently expressed her concern that presence of soldiers in financial districts of Bangkok may damage the country's image.
Gen. Prayuth said he accepted these complaints, but also asked the public to understand the army. 
"We have to build the bunkers to shelter the soldiers, because the soldiers were not armed," Gen. Prayuth said.
He added, "We will make the bunkers look more friendly. But soldiers are soldiers. Do you want us to look weak and humble and neat like traditional dancers?"
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Gang Rape Survivor In India Gang Raped Again While In Police Protection


The two police officers in charge of protecting the woman were eating dinner when it happened.


On Tuesday, March 4, a 22-year-old woman — who was gang raped in November 2013 — was kidnapped from her house and allegedly gang raped, strangled, and dumped in the fields of a district in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh despite having police protection.


The two armed police officers in charge of protecting her at her home were eating dinner when a group of men stormed into the house and took the woman away. The officers went to investigate the commotion, but went back inside to put their shoes on, according to an interview one of the officers gave the Times of India. The men had escaped with the woman by then.


The woman was found unconscious on Thursday. Doctors at the local hospital confirmed that she had been raped, and found strangulation marks on her neck.


The police initially blamed the woman’s family of sending her away to implicate the accused people in the first gang rape case.


The Senior Superintendent of Police said the victim’s condition was “not serious.”


The district police have taken no action against the prime suspect in November’s gang rape, despite a First Information Report being filed. The family of the survivor, who became pregnant in December, has been demanding the police to collect DNA samples from the accused to match the fetus, but to no avail.


Indian news reports suggest that this lax police response could be because of the political clout the main suspect, Dalbir Singh, has in several villages of the district and his close affiliations to the ruling party in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party.


Singh is said to be valuable to the party in getting votes for the upcoming general elections in India.



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Manhunt for Swedish fake Rolex Watch seller in Pattaya


A 26 year old Thai Man, who purchased what he thought was a real second-hand Rolex Watch, later found the watch to be fake, despite handing over 110,000 Baht for the watch to its previous owner, a Swedish National.
Khun Samit went to Pattaya Police Station on Friday evening and spoke with Police Colonel Supachai, the Station Chief, who was told that the apparent victim saw the watch advertised on a Thai Website. If the watch had been genuine the retail price for the item is currently 240,000 Baht so the sale at less than half-price seemed a real bargain.
Khun Samit agreed to meet Mr. Carl Anders Mikael Andersson aged 54 from Sweden, at the Big C Extra Store in Central Pattaya where the money was handed over in exchange for the wrist watch. Mr. Andersson allowed Khun Samit to take a picture of his passport in case a problem with the sale occurred.
Khun Samit claimed Mr. Andersson appeared eager to leave quickly which made Khun Samit suspicious. He went straight to a shop to get the watch valued and it was confirmed the item was a fake. Mr. Andersson had long disappeared so the victim decided to report the incident to Police.
Immigration Police have been informed and will attempt to block the suspects exit from Thailand should he decided to escape the country to avoid arrest. The hunt for the suspect continues.


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