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Thai's Around The World, Help Please?

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Hello everyone

I'm half-Thai/Kiwi and I need a little help.

I speak Thai (nearly fluently, is that even a thing?) but I can't read or write. This has made socialising with Thai people online a little tricky.

I'm hoping to travel soon and I wanted to meet up with other halfies around the world to hear their stories. Thai people have reached every corner of the globe and I've always wondered how being brought up with Thai culture has effected them while living WITHIN other cultures. I know that my mother and her teachings have had a huge impact on me.

If anybody has any sites/forums they cold link me too, I would be so thankful.

Pornpaan <3

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I'm a halfie too, but you might be able to guess from my name here that I'm not half Thai.


There are plenty of halfies or "luk krungs" out there. You just have to find the right social circles to meet them. Reading and writing Thai would help tremendously as I'm sure there are many forums in Thai on exactly this topic. 


One initial idea is to google around for alumni pages from different international schools. I work at ASB, and there are tons of halfie students and alumni. Once you find them, how you choose to interact with them is up to you. However, I wouldn't do the "I'm a halfie too! We should be best friends because we share the same story!" approach. :)


Also, it might help to tell us your age. Good luck!

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