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What Makes Thai Girls Attractive To Foreigners

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I would say yes first of all every one like to see outside appearance ,Thais women whom attractive to the western guys or the foreigners ,They are mostly come from  north-eastern or south of Thailand ,because of their tan skin look and face shape look different from the city girls.


One thing I can tell you what Thais guys like about Thais girls look ,nowadays they like white skin and face like korean girl or chinese,now Thais girls also like Korean guy,not less than the western guys or foreigners.


Once i have been in Silom,i saw a western guy,he is a very good looking,he walked on the road with i can say she from North-eastern and not beautiful at all in my opinion but she must beautiful enough or good enough in some or many ways for him ,i saw him holding her hands and treated her very gentle.


Apart from the outside look appearance ,Of course if she is smart it would be great,if not how about funny,confidence,good manner,take a good care of her boyfriend or spouse,and much more ,The truth is you can not find perfect girl all in one,but so many good things  in Thais girls Make Thais girls attractive to foreigner.You got one yet? ^_^

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In my humble opinion, thai girls are attractive to foreigners because they bring comfort life to them -lol 


Once they (foreigner guys) left home to so far away land (like Thailand), they seek something that make them feel familia like stay home, (safe, warm and comfy), Thai girls bring those they seek. Thai girls can help them order foods from street vendors, wash their clothes, clean their apartment while they were away do something for living. 



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i wish i could date with one of them if i were a man lol thai women seems soo different from my own country women including me and that's what makes interesting to me.

I heard thai women thinks "no money no love", if her bf or husband has no money or don't give her enough money they treat their men bad. Do you think most of them are like this or just a few bad girls?

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