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Wtf Has Happened To This Site ?

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I have been here for a long time, but have not visited or participated in a good while. Now I see that I was COMPLETELY justified in doing so ! Obviously the webmaster; and OWNER of this site has changed more than once >>> to the great quality and deterioration of the VERY essence of what this site was once was, and was all about in the first place. No Home Page >> WTF is that all about !!!  I think that the maturity > or lack of > has reduced some fabric of our life (now including THIS SITE ) to nothing more than social networking ONLY ... and trivial nondescript Gossip and Garbage ! > Am I disappointed ?? You Bet ! > This used to be a VERY Nice site where people shared and interacted in a friendly (or sometimes controversial ;) ) manner. > Now ... nit is just a signpost in the road.  Too Bad !! If I am by myself in this opinion ; then I would be somewhat flabbergasted... I think that the membership numbers (older,newer,and current>active<) will probably reflect these observations.  >>> OK - I have not been here for a while; maybe I am too critical, maybe I am Wrong... but I do not think so.  Even though I think it will never happen;  Would still like to see a little more familiarity within the site (which now is NONE). I used to enjoy coming here ; not anymore.  I hope that the essence of this site survives all the banality of social networking to be it's own social network that shares the very identity of the site name. > Peace-Out All - Steve

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I agree 1 thing with Steve,I used to have a  very nice group of friends here ,we used to have variety  conversation ,sometime we have a little bite ,fight or whatever but we had a great time together,i missed that part .I just wonder what your guys have been up to?I missed you all..



One more thing i could not find my old post ..I example when i started a new member here, Japamerican told me that why not try to start post with anything,..anything for me I must to make something great,So i started with Thais women in international beauty pagent,.which is very valuable for me because I did research Thai women has been crowned Miss Universe since the first time until recent.Is it  also gone with the new system?i don't know,but it’s ok for me.

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Everyone moved on. I have only looked in a few times in the last two or three years myself. In fact this is my first post here in three maybe four or more years.


If you are interested, there is a TF ThailandFriends Facebook group that Bill, the Admin set up. Unfortunately I don't do Facebook so can't give you any further information. Or you might try contacting him through this site.

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