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Thailand the Land of Hubs (LOH)

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I spouted off some nonsense about this on Facebook awhile back but I thought I might expand on my thoughts about Thailand's constant efforts to declare itself a "hub" of some sort.  

I sorta get why government officials (and even business leaders) do it.  Making grand announcements gets your name in the newspapers.  But at what point does it become cliche or even worthy of mocking?  

Here is a list of things Thai government officials and-or business leaders have claimed that Thailand was/is going to become the hub of.  

DPM Prajin reaffirms plan to establish Thailand as aviation hub in ASEAN

Thailand seen as regional hub for nurses, accountants

Hua Hin to become tech hub for space exploration

Energy Ministry touts Thailand as electric vehicle hub

Thailand pushing to become ASEAN’s Education Hub

Public health and tourism ministries promote Thailand as medical tourism hub 

Thailand: Medical hub of ASEAN for plastic surgery

MOT to support Thailand as Logistic Hub of ASEAN

Thailand poised to become GMS hub, NZ envoy says

ICT minister hopeful country will be Asean digital hub within three years

Thailand to become ASEAN food hub

Thailand has potential to become digital innovation hub

NRC: Thailand to be solar roof and electric vehicle center for Asean

State touts hub for cars of the future 

Thailand's robot revolution is rising

Bangkok set to be China's rail hub

Thailand will serve as funding hub

Thailand as a festival hub

Thailand needs promotion as Asean hub, link to markets

Bid to create Thai biotech-hub gathers steam

'Thailand could become financial hub' rivalling Singapore, Malaysia

Thailand ready to become Southeast Asian coin minting hub

Thailand has potential to be regional vaccine hub

Thailand could be major e-learning hub in region

Bangkok as UN hub in Asia Pacific

Thailand expected to become 'Halal hub'

Thailand as an Asean fashion hub

Better planning needed to create Asean ethanol hub


Geez, is there anything Thailand can't become the hub of?  

If Thailand manage to accomplish even half of their goals they would be the most dominate country in the entire region.  

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New hub announced.  

Thailand strives to be international corporate hub

"We have products offering in Norway, our King Oscar brand products, and products offering in the U.S. and Canada with lobsters, and we will use Bangkok as a trading hub for all these products, distributing them to ASEAN markets and China," Ayrle told the Nikkei Asian Review. 

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Tourism Authority of Thailand presents ‘You Care You Share’ to promote health tourism market


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has set its sight on health tourists to increase tourism income by raising awareness and building a good image of health and wellness in Thailand and its unique services, which conform to policy to promote Thailand as a regional hub of health tourism. Thailand is well-prepared in every aspect ranging from good services, variety of standardized healthcare providers to reasonable prices.


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EV production hub likely to remain a dream


The government's policy to push Thailand as a hub and production base for electric vehicles (EVs) in Asean and incentives to prod investment in EV assembly are unlikely to bear fruit, experts say.

The directionless policies implemented over the past few years are expected to make the dream of becoming a production base for EVs remain just that, according to analysts and industry officials.


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Thailand seeks to be preferred investment destination for India Auto Inc 


Speaking to Autocar Professional, Dr Bonggot Anuroj, executive director of investment marketing bureau, Thailand Board of Investment, said, “There is a lot of room for Indian auto component suppliers to set up a manufacturing footprint in Thailand to make it an export hub to tap the large ASEAN market. We offer quality workers, a well established business environment and infrastructure.”


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Congo Cartel Cracked: Elephant ivory poachers arrested after using Thailand as shipping hub


Four Congolese suspects have been arrested today for alleged roles in trafficking multi-ton shipments of poached elephant tusks from Africa to Laos via Thailand and costing the lives of countless innocent elephants.


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