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On April 23, 2016 at 3:07 PM, wannabe_expat said:

From what I read and with a little bit of first hand knowledge, is it true that most Thai girls cheat on their partners?

I'm pretty sure many Thai women would ask if it's true that most foreigners cheat on their partners.  Horrible question.  Especially when you use words like "most" as that, by definition, means greater than 50%.  

Gotta keep in mind that a lot of what you read online is:

  • Going to be over-represented by people who have a complaint.  People who are in happy relationships, generally, don't feel a need to go around and post about it on blogs and forums.  People who have been cheated on are angry, bitter, and feel that publicly airing their dirty laundry is a form of revenge.  Not surprisingly, you're going to find much more complaining than praise due to this natural tendency.  
  • Probably written by someone who was in over their head to begin with.  For instance, someone who thinks they can turn a bar girl into a princess.  Or someone who chooses to ignore blaring, screaming, flashing warning signs that their partner is not the same person that they think their partner is.  


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I don't think most of  Thai girls is a cheater.

I am not object that they might be a few who act  like that, it is depend on many thing like family background,education,previous history of them,friends who they around with,personal habit,and much more.it is depend on many things,some one have good education ,good family ,everything seems good but they still cheats,some poor girls doing rice farm no education,not too good family they are honest,The bars girls i am not garuantee about this but some of them are good and well habit, i knew one bar girl she is a beautiful young girl and she is very good.

You might watch a lots The Cheaters shows.is any girl cheat on you?if yes sorry to hear that.

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