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Female Tourist Made to Apologize for Wet Dress


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Apparently nobody has informed the Thai tourist police in Phuket that farang tourists in Thailand are quickly becoming as rare as Pikachu in Pokemon Go.  As a result of police decided that it would be a good idea to track down a tourist through her tour company after seeing photos of her at Wat Chalong wearing a dress that had become somewhat see-through due to rain.

She was ordered to report to the police station at 9pm where she was then told that her dress at the temple was inappropriate and was made to wai and apologize to the templet staff and the people of Phuket for disrespecting the temple.  

Now, I'm usually the first person to throw some stink eye at tourists who show up at temples in bikinis or other inappropriate dress but nobody at the tour company (run by Thais who should presumably know the dress code) or at the temple deemed her dress too provocative to enter the temple.  Only when photos circulated online did people start to get in a huff about her dress, so I don't think we can point to the tourist has having had any intention of being disrespectful.  

Here's a photo of the woman so you can form your own opinion.  


It's unclear as to why the police felt it necessary to summon her to the police station for a reprimand and forced apology rather than simply warn the tour operator and the temple staff to do a better job at informing tourists of the dress code for religious sites.  

Better yet, the person who took the photos could have politely told her that dress was showing a little too much in the back and suggest that she borrow a sarong to cover herself so as not to offend anyone.  

At a time when TAT, the tourism authority of Thailand, puts out almost daily press releases touting their ideas for luring "quality tourists" to come to Thailand, it seems counter-productive to be inconveniencing and publicly shaming tourists in the media for what appears to be nothing more than a minor tourist faux pas.  


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