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Scam Can Drain Your Thai Bank Account


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Recently the owner of a car accessories shop, Mr Pansuthee Meeluekit, gave his Thai ID number and bank account number to a customer who wanted to pay via funds transfer.  The "customer" then used Pansuthee's Thai ID card to get a replacement SIM card which he used to request a new PIN number for Mr. Pansuthee's bank account.  

Mr. Pansuthee later noticed that nearly 1 million baht had been withdrawn from his account.  

Apparently, nobody was really interested in helping Pansuthee which led him to stage a sit-in at the National Police Office until Kasikorn Bank (his bank) agreed to refund him the money that was stolen.  

Now, a lot of people might be saying, "I don't have an Thai ID card" but every foreigner in Thailand has a passport and a passport can be easily counterfeited.  Perhaps not well enough to pass immigration but surely well enough to fool the rep at a phone shop who might issue someone representing themselves as you a new SIM card with your phone number.  

And unlike the bank fraud protections you might enjoy back home, Thai banks typically don't act quickly to make fraud customers whole, if they act at all.  

Something worth considering.  

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