I'm visiting my girlfriend in Thailand, what do I need for tourist visa?

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I’ve been in an online relationship with a loving lady from Thailand.

I met her through A Foreign Affair and we’re in a healthy relationship despite not meeting in person.

We have video calls every now and then, and corresponds regularly;

and because it’s the holidays… I’ve decided to visit and spend the New Year with her.


I’m very excited! There’s roughly few days left and it’s a sudden decision,

so I’d like to ask for advice on getting a tourist visa. I’m a U.S citizen and

I’d like to know what are the requirements I’ll need in order to get a fast approval.

But I’ve also heard that there’s no need for a visa if I’m only staying for less than a month…

is this true? I really need some helpful input!


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How long are you staying?  You can enter the country for 30 days with no prior visa.  If you want to stay for longer than that you would need to obtain a tourist visa by applying at a Thai consulate in the US.  

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