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I had been in love with Bill Whynot all my life sence I was 14 really.i n

Ever cheated on him I gave him 110%of me.he got sick and had go off work so I educated myself got good job supported the family.

Now I come across all thses post of his and my heart is crushed.

I can't breathe.

I feel empty.

I'm lost.were do I go what donibdo how do I fix this is this my fault.

All over the world I got screen shots from way back in 2010.

I learn it's not my fault.

I really loved him.

He chose to screw around on line with thailand Asian whatever Indian even girls from all over.but I continue tell him every day .

Bill I'm madely in love with u.u are my man my love of my life my everything.

Yeah we had thought times that's what raising kids owning a home and being sick sometimes does to a couple.

It's not over.

I believe I can forgive u forĀ  everthinh if u forgive me.slthough I never had a hub.or actually made love to no one anyone but u.i beleave in our love and the strength it has.of u found this **** on internet u hitting up on girls.u get rid of me fast but I'm good person I believe in the good in everyone.everyone deserves a chance.

Just because u hurt me . unbelievable hurt I feel everyday.i still love you.

I really love u.

Angry and other feeling s are to be expected.

I'm sure your therapist told u that.

But I'm ready for u if ur ready fore.

I have so much to offer.

I love you bill whynot

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